1. I’m not sure why people keep pretending like this girl is innocent. Even Iyanla spilled the tea and told y’all she and her manager are grimy attention whores who will do anything to keep her relevant. Chris is trash but I believed him when he said she puts fake stories out about him when she needs to promote something. He’ll look at the timing.

    1. I’m starting to wonder myself. And I forgot about that time she got into it with Iyanla. One thing about Iyanla is she can read people very well.

  2. I wish she would keep it real and admit she wanted the fame. Is that not why she hired a manager in the first place?

  3. I’m starting to believe Chris as far as she’s concerned. She wanted the fame bad enough to do whatever it took to keep him long enough to advance herself, even thr–somes. Fame didn’t fall in her lap. It was always the goal for her.

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