K Michelle Calls out Loni Love’s Hypocrisy

K Michelle and “The Real” co-host Loni Love made headlines when they went back and forth on social media weeks ago.

Just to refresh your memory, things popped off after Angela Yee made an appearance on the talk show and Loni mistook K Michelle for Keyshia Cole when the hosts asked Angela to recount her messiest interview.

When K took to Twitter to call out Loni for being messy, many viewers of the show defended Loni because they thought it was an honest mistake.

However, Loni later admitted that she did it on purpose and she was just trolling K.

So it’s no probably no surprise K now feels like it’s hypocritical for Loni to discuss women empowerment.

While expressing why they feel like reality television is a bad look for black women, Loni took it a step further and claimed she doesn’t like most shows because all the women do is put one another down:

“I just don’t like the fact that you have African American women on a show that are putting each other down like this. I don’t like it and I don’t watch this stuff.”

When Loni’s words began to make rounds on social media, K Michelle decided to hop on Twitter and add her two cents (read tweets from bottom to top):

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  1. I agree wth K. But everyone on The Real is fake as hell. That’s why I can’t take them seriously.

  2. I understand why K is annoyed. Loni really tried to pretend like she’s some innocent person but the truth is she was actually being messy and wanted a response from K for attention. So how is she any better than a reality star?

  3. How are they going to all sit up there and talk trash about reality shows when 99% of their guests are reality stars? Ugh I can’t stand The Real. None of them are real!

  4. Funny because I thought Loni was being a hypocrite too. The first thing I thought about was how she came for K when I saw the clip. Like sis stop being so fake.

  5. Totally agree with Kandi and another reason why I don’t fk with Wendell Williams either. Don’t talk about you’re for empowering women when in the next breath you say the most foul things about people like Rihanna.

  6. Yas!! Loni is super messy but loves to pretend she isn’t. Now I do believe she is the one who had a hand in Tamar being fired!!

  7. Loni is fake as hell !! Once again she’s bashing her Soror. I don’t see any Sisterhood between the two !!

  8. It’s called a job, producer and a teleprompter. They give you a script and you read the questions. Now K should kno about that considering all them VH1 shows

  9. I mean K. makes very good points. I was also confused when I saw the video a few days ago. Especially since reality stars are usually their guests and well Loni isn’t really concerned with looking out for other black women herself. Tamar and K are proof of that.

  10. Not defending anyone because I’m not a fan of either however im I’m quite sure Loni has no power over who tho guests are, she is a mere employee it’s not her show she not Ellen or Wendy… she has to “interview” whoever the bosses tell her. And I think “bash” is a strong word to use seeing as K was the one calling her fat and whatnot

  11. K got one thing right when she said all the b-tches on The Real are fake. They always try to act all high and mighty but ain’t sh-t in real life. And Loni is the worst kind of fake. She’s the type that will get close to you and then work behind the scenes to get your a-s fired. Then she will avoid you after because she’s scary as f-ck. I can’t stand passive aggressive b-tches like her. K will drag you on Twitter and be done with it. Calling someone roast beef ain’t got sh-t on actually getting someone fired and pretending you ain’t have sh-t to do with it.

  12. The thing that irks me is a lot of people seem to only have a problem with one kind of messy. Since K is loud and open with hers, she’s the one who got bashed online for calling Loni fat. But when the truth came out and Loni said out her own mouth that she deliberately mixed Keyshia and K Michelle up just to get a rise out of K Michelle, it was crickets. It’s like it’s ok to be messy as long as you’re passive aggressive with it and that bothers me. Messy is messy. It’s hypocritical to be ok with Loni’s actions but have a problem with K. And if that situation didn’t show people how fake and messy Loni is, then I don’t know what else it has to take before people see that Tamar wasn’t paranoid. She’s on point and Loni did have something to do with her getting fired.

  13. Can you really act like you’re better than reality stars when you have to use their methods to get attention and remind people to watch your flop talk show? LOL.

  14. Yes, Loni is definitely messy. She sits there rolling her bug eyes at everyone like shes all that. Yet when a guest comes on especially a man she wants to run the show. She’s downright irritating.

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