Chad Johnson Brings up Evelyn Lozada on ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’

Chad Johnson and his mother are appearing on the current season of “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition,” and they are supposed to be working out their issues with one another.

However, one of Chad’s biggest issues with his mother is her anger issues.

In fact, he says it’s hard to deal with her when she’s angry, and he doesn’t want to allow her anger to push him into an explosive reaction.

Interestingly enough, he claims that he only got angry once, and it cost him his football career.

In a clip of an episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition,” while discussing his mother’s anger issues, he says:

“When she gets crazy, I ignore it. I got mad one time, ever with Evelyn. And look what happened. F*cking career and everything down the drain.”

Check out the video below:

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    1. Agreed. Doesn’t matter if he never snapped again. He was wrong then and he’s still wrong about it now. And why was he mad anyway when he’s the one who was caught cheating? I never understood that.

  1. You can’t force a grown person to do anything. He made a bad decision and it ruined his career. That’s life.

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