More Details Released on Death Threats Sent to Phaedra Parks

Atlanta blogger Straight from the A has received more details about the death threats Phaedra Parks has been receiving since the reunion aired.

And it’s not pretty.

SFTA writes:

For the record, my legal friends all say that the bar complaint probably won’t go too far unless the person filing it has ever been directly involved in a case with Phaedra.

While there are several people out there gunning for Phaedra to lose her law license over the lies she told on television, unless they hired her and those lies affected the outcome of their case, there’s no legitimate complaint against her professional license.

That being said, there are still some disgruntled viewers out there who aren’t afraid of voicing their opinion online and some have even gone so far as to threaten Phaedra and her young sons with physical violence.

How far is too far folks? I mean, seriously! It’s a tv show!

Yeah, Phaedra was a snake and sure, it was clear that her entire persona was a lie but that doesn’t warrant a death sentence.

In addition to the online threats, I’ve been told that Phaedra has been receiving mail and boxes to her office address with things like dead roses, and dirty underwear with feces in them.

My source also told me that Parks has also hired a full time body guard to follow her around daily and even has armed security posted up at her office building.

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  1. I’m sure it’s nothing but Kenya’s nutty stans doing it. They have been pressed since that epic read a few years ago.

  2. When you’re lame as f-ck and have too much time on your hands, this is the kind of sh-t you do.

  3. Some people are just sick. Phaedra was wrong but it’s obvious that a lot of people who watch this show are just weak minded losers. Hopping on the hate Phaedra bandwagon when they should put as much focus on their personal lives as they do RHOA. Pathetic losers.

  4. This has Kenya’s stans written all over it. Yes, they are that insane and pressed. LOL.

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