Aja Metoyer Airs out Cristen Metoyer, Again

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Aja Metoyer is not done airing out her sister Cristen Metoyer.

In fact, she made even more accusations on Instagram recently.

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  1. Girl who cares? You’re still trash for dogging out your own flesh and blood. What about that does she not understand?

  2. I think Aja is just trying to get people on her side but that’s not going to happen. No one is saying Cristen is innocent. We just can’t accept that someone would throw their own sister under a bus for a reality show.

  3. Aja doesn’t seem to get it and I don’t think she ever will. But if she couldn’t handle the backlash, she probably shouldn’t have signed up for BBW.

  4. I’m guessing tonight’s episode a really bad look for her so she’s trying to go ahead and get damage control out the way.

  5. This girl is really trying hard to get her a spot on the show doing whatever she can looking as bad as she can look just so people can hate her but at the same time talk about her so pathetic!

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