LHHATL Producers Clap Back at Joseline Hernandez

Photo Credit: Instagram

Looks like the producers of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” aren’t done clapping back at Joseline Hernandez.

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  1. Whatever. If Joseline is gone they need to spend less time shading her and more time revamping the show because it’s horrible now.

  2. They can throw all the little shade they want but the facts are Joseline is not the first person to call them out. Even Cardi isn’t coming back. That lets me know all I need to know about Mona and the rest of the producers.

  3. I see Joseline hurt some feelings. If she’s so replaceable, just replace her and be done with it.

  4. I think the show can survive without Joseline but they would have to keep Tommie. She’s the closet thing left to Joseline. Anyway why is Mimi still on the show? She’s so bitter and boring.

  5. I think everyone is starting to do too much. Is Joseline even serious about quitting? I’m still not so sure she is.

  6. The whole Atlanta cast can go. It’s fresher and better talent to make Love and Hip Hop. They’re main focus is probably going to be Miami because at least the people there are self sufficient. No one in the Atlanta cast even had sh!t

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