Oprah Winfrey Explains Why OWN Won’t Be Picking up ‘Underground’

Photo Credit: WGN America and Tribune Studios/Sony Pictures Television

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last week, it was confirmed that WGN’s hit show “Underground” has been cancelled.

Apparently the network has been bought out and the new owners are hoping to change it to a Fox News wannabe.

Fans of the show were hoping BET and OWN would pick it up, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. And now Oprah Winfrey explains why.

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  1. Disappointing but I understand. It’s the same reason The Get Down was cancelled. Nowadays, these networks just don’t have the money to spend on shows like that, so ratings have to be worth it. I’m still hoping someone picks it up and doesn’t water it down for budget reasons.

  2. $5 mil an episode? Wow. I had no idea it costs that much. I hate to say it but no one is going to pick it up if it costs that much.

    1. Maybe if she got rid of some of that swill that passes for programming she’d have enough money. WGN America could afford it but they were bought out and the new Company is going in a different direction. OWN is more lucrative than WGN. C’mon Oprah with your connections you can’t persuade others to invest? Who says you have to foot the entire bill? A BLACK billionaire with a Black network and you can’t produce a much needed Black perspective on a historical time in our lives? ESPECIALLY when Harriet Tubman is going to soon be on the $20.00 bill! FOH?

  3. The only networks with those kind of dollars outside of cable and the primetimes are Amazon, Hulu or Netflix. But whether they’re are willing to take the chance is something totally different. How do you justify the cost?

  4. Cable is struggling. They can’t afford most of the scripted shows they already have. If the streaming companies don’t pick up Underground, it’s a wrap.

  5. Yeah our last hope is truly Hulu they have the capital to spend 60 million a season..good lawd they’re going to have to cut expenses, cast and sets. Hell family guy only cost 2 million per episode

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