LHHNY’s DJ Drewski & Sky Get Dragged For Instagram Post

DJ Drewski and his fiancée Sky Landish were introduced to LHHNY fans this past season.

If you recall, a big part of their storyline is that Drewski kept flirting with Yandy Smith’s artist Bianca as the two recorded a song together, much to the dismay of Sky.

Despite this, Drewski brought Sky a Porsche SUV on the season finale and Bianca and Sky had words for each other on the reunion. Drewski also proposed to Sky.

Interestingly enough, Drewski and posted a risqué photo to Instagram. In the photo, Sky held up a photo proposing if Drewski’s photo gathered over 200,000 likes, Sky would reward Drewski with a 3-some.

Check out the Instagram post below.

DJ Drewski’s followers began to drag the two of them immediately. Many of their followers apparently felt this is nothing more than an attempt to keep themselves on the show.

Check out the comments:

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  1. If you really want to do anything, why would a certain number of likes be required? This is obviously a cry for attention and a storyline for them if Mona hasn’t fired them already.

  2. That is nothing should’ve seen all the rest of the comments including mine where I said being that Sky is semi famous or w/e she needs to hit up Tiny and ask her how them threesomes for her husband worked out for their relationship…that’s if she is seriously considering that….nonetheless they are sad folks if they are doing this for attn

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