Amber Rose Dragged and Called out for Her Version of Feminism

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night Amber Rose decided it would be best to drop a controversial photo of herself on Instagram to promote her second annual Slut Walk.

And the reactions have been mixed.

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  1. Amber is really no different than Kim Kardashian and that’s what makes this so funny to me. I remember when she tried to shade Kim for her tape but over time we see that Amber just wants to be like Kim. She will take off her clothes in a second if it will get her a day or two of press. She is not a feminist. Just an attention whore who realized she needed a new gimmick to stay famous.

  2. I’m just getting tired of Amber. She always talks about the same things, s*x, s*x and s*x. And when she’s not getting enough attention, she will fake date a professional athlete or post pictures like this. Yawn.

  3. I don’t know if this image she has now is going to sustain her over the next few years. Business wise, she needs to come from a fresh angle. There’s only so many times you can do this before people get bored. Even Kim is losing steam.

  4. She’s such a fraud. I can’t believe so many women are defending her. How can they still not see through her by now?

  5. How is this Photoshopped picture empowering feminism? She doesn’t even look like this in real life. People really forgot about those unedited pictures of her on the beach? She did this for the male gaze and acceptance from men. Feminism my a-s.

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