Kenya Moore Adds Fuel to Marriage Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rumor has it “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore is now a married woman.

And now she’s giving life to the gossip with her latest batch of Instagram likes.

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  1. Kenya and Phaedra are a lot alike. They lie a lot and will keep their private lives off camera as much as possible so I don’t know what to believe.

  2. Here she goes with this bullsh-t. She’s always pulling stunts and shows when she feels like her peach is in danger. That’s why I don’t f-ck with her. If they are going to fire Phaedra for never being real, then why does Kenya’s lying a-s get a pass?

    1. What lies has Kenya told? She’s not hiding this marriage. It will play out on the show. Y’all will hate on anything.

      1. So did you read TT’s blog or nah? It said Kenya will not be discussing this fake marriage on the show. If that’s the case she needs to be fired (not like she’s really married anyway though).Especially since Andy said Phaedra not showing much of her life is a problem.

    1. Again what lies has Kenya told? She’s the most honest person on the show. Everything she has ever said has been proven over time.

      1. You know you’re going to have to pick your face off the floor yet it again when it comes out that this was just another stunt right? LOL.

        1. Just lime she posted the stroller for the pregnancy that never was. Or the engagement ring in Vegas for the marriage to the guy from Millionaire Matchmaker who was already married. Or the baseball tickets from “her Boo” who turned out to be a guy she hired and tickets she paid for…… Did I hear someone whisper that Kenya isn’t a fraud?

  3. Damn does this woman ever get tired of pulling stunts? This right here is why so many people don’t understand why she still has a peach.

  4. If she is married and that’s a big if that’s the most awkward wedding photo I’ve ever seen because everybody is just into something else other than into her. It looks very weird that random people are just walking around not paying attention to a bride and groom. Lol

  5. It looks like only 2 people are there. You don’t see decorations. It looks staged. I’m sorry, Kenya is not married. If she was, this would be all over the news being she is always lying about her men.

  6. Kenya would’ve hired a Town Crier with a bell, a skywriter, and held a press conference if she was engaged furthermore married. This woman cannot help celebrating herself….loudly! I mean, she did hired a guy in a costume to deliver her housewarming invitations…on a pillow no less.

  7. I seriously doubt this stunt queen is married. The timing let’s me know this is just another stunt to keep her peach. NeNe has he shook.

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