Bambi Quits LHHATL, Exposes Lil Scrappy + Shades Momma Dee

Photo Credit: YouTube/TMZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Bambi confirmed recently that she is walking away from the reality show.

Interestingly enough, Scrappy and tricky editing is why she won’t be returning for another season.

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  1. I remember when Bambi told Erica at the reunion that she needs to keep it cute because she’s the one who was over Scrappy’s finances. It’s funny to see her have to eat crow now. Erica tried to tell her Scrappy was a bum and wasn’t paying child support but she kept dealing with him anyway because she wanted a spot on the show. Now she sees it wasn’t worth it.

  2. It sounds like Scrappy is the one who ended the relationship so he could make some money in Miami. He just didn’t tell her and she had to find out from somebody else. He’s been acting like he was over her for a while now.

  3. It always seemed like to me that Bambi only dated Scrappy so she could get back on television. So if that is the case, she can’t be mad that he decided to advance himself and do the Miami show. Both of them come off as opportunists to me anyway.

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