Basketball Wives Season 6 Reunion Tea

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The ladies of “Basketball Wives” filmed the reunion for the current season a couple of days ago, and it appears that the biggest source of drama stems from who wasn’t invited.

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  1. I see Malaysia switched up real quick now that she realized she was putting her own paycheck on the line to save Brandi’s. Mess.

  2. I think the producers messed up by bringing so many people on the show. If the gag order was going to be an issue, Aja should have never been able to start filming. Keonna could have worked out if they gave her a chance.

  3. Sounds boring but that’s pretty standard for BBW reunions. The season is always better than the reunion.

  4. They had way too many new girls this time and it just got too confusing for me to keep up so I only paid attention to who I already knew before. They need to stop casting so many people.

  5. I think it’s clear that the OG’s like Malaysia and want to keep her and Jackie on the show. Brandi is not coming back and the only new girls I see them keeping around are Bonnie and Hazel. I don’t even think Cristen will get another season.

  6. I think it’s messed up that the old and bitter crew ran off Brandi. The reunion could have been interesting if she was there.

    1. How tho?! Brandi’s only storyline is her cheating a-s husband. She had to bring Duffey last season to give herself a storyline. She’s boring and aggy

      1. At least she HAD A STORYLINE. What’s Shaunie’s storyline? Without arguing with Jackie, what would Evelyn’s storyline be, some senior citizen trying to get pregnant with some baby she’ll be too old to take care of in five years? No one cares. At least Tami pulled out a calculator and said: “yeah, I don’t need no baby”.

  7. I think they were testing these girls out to see who is worth keeping and who was not. Brandi got already got herself fired and ran herself off because of the drama last two seasons. Brandi called Shaunie a b—h and sicked duffy on Tami. Brandi has never been cool with Tami and Shaunie so that was her first and last mistake. If you are EP of the show, even with an apology, how can you forget someone calling you a B—-h, Old, and “The Mean Girls”. Don’t forget every time Miami girls kee,kee, and laugh, Oh “they laughing at us”. Brandi dug her own grave a long time ago and now she has to lay in it. Now she threating Ev on twitter, saying she is going to come to the reunion, as if she can? Please. Brandi is got too much nerve for the show. She needs to know her place. Jackie better tighten up or she will be out behind Brandi. Malaysia, is always cool without Brandi. I think there was intimidation there due to them being from the Miami franchise. So it was like us vs. them and that was the wrong stance to take. Its ok to be loyal to a friend but don’t sink in the ocean with them, when they act, or talk stupid. Don’t let no one even a bff stop your check. Malaysia is paid but she should know that more checks is always a good thing for her and her children. Brandi need to make up with that husband real quick if she hasn’t already because she will need his checks, lol, if he stays signed to the NBA, that is. I will be watching, but I guess Jennifer will be on the last episode. They said she had filmed already. Hopefully they can put the old beef to rest. I still don’t think Jenn needs to go back to the friendship they had. I would just be cordial and get that check and keep it business-casual just for the show sake. Ev threw Jenn under the bus and then went under the bus herself as the bus rolled on top of her, lol, all for the cameras. I could never forget. Might forgive but will never forget.

  8. Shaunie sure remember why the show did not return.Black women fighting with each other is wrong and sents out the wrong message.There were two many players on the show.Royce and Jen sure come back for a fresh begining.

    1. An original what–MESS. Jackie Christie has always been a clown her time on the show has reached it’s expiration date, time for her to blow.

      1. Without Jackie, there’ll be no show. Miami got cancelled the first time because it was so boring without the drama. No one wants to watch a group of rich broads getting along, or some old bat trying to have a baby.

        1. So y’all just gonna keep rewriting history or nah? Miami was cancelled because the real queen, EVELYN, left the show. Matter of fact, the LA show never got high ratings like Miami until Evelyn returned THIS season. And truth be told, Draya was the head bish on BBWLA. When she left, those ratings dropped and Tami had to come back to save everyone in LA’s jobs. So without Tami, BBWLA would have been canceled. So how in the world does Jackie make the show? And let’s be clear. BBWLA is a spinoff. It would have never came to be if it wasn’t for the original show, BBW Miami, being a hit. Stick to facts boo. I swear Jackie’s new stans don’t know ish about BBW. Yall literally started watching last season or something because yall type the same lies.

          1. Lol. Evelyn can be your queen all you want; if I’m going to call someone a queen, they’re going to have to do a little more than lie on their back and take whatever is dished out to them. I’ve been watching the show since the beginning in Miami to this season now, let’s be clear and speak on what we know. Have you even checked the ratings? Have you even compared them, or are you just saying what sounds right? I’m going to go with the latter. From someone who actually LOOKS at the ratings, there was no way that BBWLA was going to get canceled when season 5 averaged 1.50 million viewers. They wouldn’t have merged the two shows together had BBWLA not done well. So how about YOU stick to the facts…boo. And again, speak what you know, or don’t speak at all.

          2. More confirmation that you don’t like facts and didn’t watch these shows until recently. In fact, you prefer to just make things up to try to help your weak arguments. Hilarious. Unlike you, I look at ratings and I also remember what happened back then because I don’t let my dislike for anyone on the show block out my logic and common sense.

            1). BBW Miami brought in way higher ratings than the little BBWLA brought in and was cancelled when Evelyn walked. SO you were saying?

            2.). Tami and Shaunie both confirmed out their own mouths that VH1 said they would cancel the LA show after Draya left if they didn’t join the LA show. I guess you didn’t watch the reunion that season Tami came back and got into it with Brandi. She spilled the tea then. They agreed to come back and the show was saved. Jackie makes the show but couldn’t save it? Girl I guess. She has never been a draw on the LA show. The draw was Draya.

            You can bash Evelyn all day. I really don’t care if you think she’s a hoe. But I get annoyed when y’all rewrite history Just to pump up Jackie just because you think it somehow slights Evelyn. There are no receipts that Jackie makes the show. Ratings hit a record this season as soon as Evelyn came back. Seethe, be delusional, lie, fart, cry, even VH1 wrote a press release about her impact on ratings. Meanwhile, VH1 is highlighting Jackie’s deadbeat ways on their blog right now. They have thrown her under a bus because she’s replaceable. Even the network doesn’t value Jackie.

            Anyway, this is my last time responding to you. You don’t like facts, just like your new fave Jackie. She swears she’s such a great and supportive mother to Ta’Kari but couldn’t even answer when she was asked when her grandson’s birthday is at the reunion. So embarrassing. She’s all types of dysfunctional, crusty and delusional and the show would be just fine without her. Have at it though. Peace.

    2. Jackie Christie is crazy and need to tone it down a bit. This is Shaunie’s show not Jackie’s. She need to come up with her own sayings instead of using Evenlyn’s saying over and over.

  9. Jackie is the reason why people watch the show, she is very dramatic, besides, you never know what comes out of her mouth. She is very funny. Evelyn and her friend Shaunie needs to go.

  10. Shaunie has clearly taken Evelyn side. Jackie and her daughter needs to settle their issues without the media. Evelyn needs to stay away from Jackie`s daughter, she does not have any class. She said children are off limits.

    1. If anyone paid attention, Jackie CLEARLY said to Evelyn that “the Internet says her daughter is a build a whore!” Not Jackie. Evelyn decided to twist it and make it seem as if it came directly from Jackie just to have a reason to come for her and try to turn all the other girls against Jackie. SMH

      1. It doesn’t matter where Jackie got that info about Evelyn’s daughter because thats no excuse to degrade someone’s daughter on national TV… Jackie is a PSYCHO and needs help quick fast and emergency before she hurt someone for real…smh!..That’s probably why her husband doesn’t like being on TV as much…Jackie got what she deserves for mistreating her daughter Takari..

  11. Shaunie pretends to be neutral, but she has supported Evelyn from the beginning, Jackie does crazy things but Shaunie should have put a stop to Evelyn’s communication with Jackie’s daughter. She suppose to be Jackie’s friend as well, out of respect for her and Jackie’s friendship, Shaunie should have said or done something to stop Evelyn and this situation would not have escalated further.

    1. Shaunie probably encouraged her to keep contact with Jackie’s daughter. She has no storyline, so she hovers around the other girls who have something going on to get screen time. I never liked Shaunie and when Brandy called her a b—-, I clapped, because it’s the truth. And she tried to fire her, but she was still on for the two following seasons.

      1. I think Evelyn got the book to expose Jackie psycho a-s for calling her a bitch in front of her daughter and bad mouthing her daughter on TV… Yes two wrongs don’t make it right but Jackie got what she deserves for being evil and a terrible mother to Takari for years… showing favoritism with her daughter’s and the truth was eventually going to come out..God don’t like ugly!

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