Aja Metoyer Says Jackie Christie Makes ‘Basketball Wives’ + Gets Dragged

Photo Credit: VH1

By: A.J. Niles

Aja Metoyer faced serious backlash on social media recently as she praised Jackie Christie for the reason why “Basketball Wives” ratings are high.

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  1. She’s just bitter. And jealous that the so called Golden girls saved this bore of a show. Could have been her if she could actually talk about D Wade.

  2. Now I can admit that Jackie is entertaining but I’m not surprised Aja got dragged. Especially since she couldn’t even keep her spot on the show and is over here shading Cristen because she was able to keep hers.

  3. She needs to shut her salty a-s up. Her, Keonna and everyone else who got cut is so bitter about the Miami crew like it’s their fault the producers pushed them out.

  4. She needs to worry about herself because she won’t be coming back next season. Jackie she gon be straight. She doesn’t need Aja’s cosign.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Evelyn and Occassioally Tami big foot a-s and can’t stand Jackie, BUTTT this season she has made the show. She’s always been annoying but it wasn’t until this season that I saw just how instrumental Jackie is to the show. She has no filter, she’s funny and clearly she’s f-cked up (liquor, family problems, bad hair and outfits). She is reality TV and without her this season could not have existed. I hope they’re paying her well…

  6. Can’t stand Evelyn. Jackie is right. Evelyn wouldn’t even be relevant nor have a story line if it wasn’t for her messing around with and getting in Jackie’s family business. Jackie should’ve whipped Evelyn’s a$$. Instead, she called Evelyn’s daughter a “build-a-whore.” LOL! Good one Jackie. That’ll teach that high-yella bi-otch from messing around in “your” family business. If Evelyn truly cared about Jackie’s daughter–she should’ve did like Tami Roman–stayed out of it!

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