Mimi Faust Drops a Major Bomb About Joseline Hernandez

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been a controversial several weeks for “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez.

Not only did she threaten to expose Mona Scott Young on Instagram after filming the reunion weeks ago, but she then announced she was quitting the show.

Then of course she’s been getting backlash for calling Stevie J’s daughter Savannah a “nappy head” hoe on Twitter.

Now Mimi Faust just dropped a major bomb to shed light on the serious accusations Joseline made about Stevie abusing Eva.

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  1. I understand that Joseline is really messed up. I mean honestly Stevie, Mimi and Joseline all have some serious issues. But why does Stevie keep dealing with Joseline if she’s doing this kind of stuff. I just don’t understand how Mimi and Stevie’s kids seem to only be angry with Joseline when Stevie is the one who keeps her in their lives.

  2. But he actually is a drug addict Mimi and you weren’t trying to keep him away from Eva knowing that so what’s the real issue? Joseline may be a f-cked up person but so is Stevie and that’s why I can’t take Mimi seriously. When it comes to Joseline, she always gets on a high horse but doesn’t have sh-t to say about Stevie’s dysfunction. He ain’t exactly father of the year sis.

    1. Who gives a f-ck if he’s father of the year he’s still the girl father and loves his daughter and never hurt her. Thats why she let the man see his daughter. That has nothing to do with joseline sending people to investigate your home your family and your life with the consequences of taking your daughter away.

      1. How he is as a father is relevant to the discussion. You can’t say Joseline needs to be kept away from Eva when you have no issue with Stevie, a confirmed cokehead, not doing what he’s supposed to do either. Y’all are seriously okay with Stevie being a drug addict who does not financially pay for any of his kids. The most he does is buy them a pair of sneakers. Where is the backlash on that? He doesn’t even pay child support. It’s amazing how many passes Stevie gets. That’s how I know this ain’t about morals. Y’all don’t really care about morals. This is just about people who don’t like Joseline being glad they now have something to bash her about.

      2. And why aren’t you and Mimi just as equally pissed off at her niece, you know the person who actually started the rumor and told Joseline Eva was molested?

  3. MiMi is so mad that Joseline had a baby and it is killing her. MiMi getting off the show is a good thing. MiMi needs to face it Steve is in love with Joseline and not her. She is a p-rn star and no man wants that, they will take a stripper before getting with that. MiMi has so many problems and she needs to just focus on her daughter and do some work helping women.

    1. R u sure? Mimi isn’t a p-rn star. She made a video with her boyfriend having s*x and sold it. That’s something many folks do except they don’t sell it. If she’s a p-rn star than so is Kim Kardashian. I definitely don’t condone it however, p-rn star she is NOT. I don’t see why Mimi needs to be mad that Joseline had Stevie’s baby bc she had one with him first. I don’t even think Mimi is checking for Stevie like that anymore. If she was I’m sure he’d be down. Joseline is aggressive, provocative and belligerent. For her to involve Mimi and Eva in her scheme to get at Stevie is despicable and desperate. She could’ve ended up causing Mimi to lose her child. That would’ve been a tragedy for her and Eva. She should be ashame of herself. However, like the saying goes ” you reap what you sow”. She will receive what’s coming to her eventually.

      1. THANK YOU!!!! I 100% AGREE WITH YOU. Mimi have no reason at all to be jealous of Joseline. Angry, i can understand. You bringing an innocent child in the situation. No matter what Joseline and Stevie have going on, she need to keep it between them 2, and leave Mimi and Eva out of it. Stevie is a fool for being with a so-called woman that’s trying to ruin his live. Joseline and Stevie really have issues, and both need counseling. They are both toxic to each other.

      2. Kim Kardashian IS a p-rn star though. Unlike Mimi, she actually built an empire from that tape. Other than that, I agree with you.

    2. You are tell the truth MIMI need to leave joseline alone and stay out of Stevie j and joseline life she so mad cause joseline had a girl too she need to worry about sleeping with girls and making NUDE tape she is so nasty her daughter going to see that when she gets a little older she let STEVIE TALK her into bringing joseline in to they bedroom it’s all on MIMI she need to stop messing with joseline before she BEAT HER up again

      1. Calling child protective service on someone talking about the daddy raped his child. Joslin does not have a career. She can’t rap she make money just for club appearance to show up not to perform.

      2. Joseline is the one that starts crazy lies all the time.joseline is the one that do not like Stevie j children. People are so ignorant thinking joseline is loyal to anyone.she is the nasty one.telling Stevie daughter to find her own c..k to suck.who tell kids that? But if you agree with that type of behavior then you must like that type of madness.

  4. Sounds like to me Stevie just met his match with Joseline. Stevie has done a lot of messed up and abusive stuff to his ex girlfriends. Now someone puts him through it and his kids and Mimi are soooooo offended. Really? Whatever. I just call it all karma.

  5. It’s amazing to me how everything is Joseline’s fault. Didn’t she just say that it was her niece who started the molestation lie? So why isn’t she going in on her niece, the person who actually started all of this?

  6. So Mimi said it was her niece who started the molestation lie. Ok so when is Savannah going to square up with her? Just asking.

  7. This was a lot. But what I can’t ignore is the fact that it was Mimi’s cousin who started the rumor and then asked Joseline to spread it to her followers. Now why would her niece even want to lie about something like that? That is what Mimi should have explained. She made the whole thing about Joseline but Joseline wouldn’t have had the ammunition if it wasn’t for her cousin.

  8. This situation is sad and sick these people need help and if I was Mimi neither Joseline or Stevie would be around my child. Also if she could prove what she is saying is true I would do everything in my power to bring charges against the niece and Joseline this is serious allegations I would be doing more than just giving interviews.

  9. Mimi’s real issue should be with her niece. If she’s the one who got the ball rolling, it makes no sense for Mimi to divert all her anger on Joseline.

    1. No,Mimi have other issues as well. One minute she’s with a man and then running to women. Sleeping with Joseline and Stevie in a thr–some. Mimi plays the victim and says Joseline and Stevie has issues, but she is psychologically jacked up.

    2. And she did at that time her niece was staying with her she put her out and took her car and she haven’t spoke to her since then

  10. But the fact that MiMi is on social media talking about this is because she wants to tear down Joseline. If someone is lying on you and you know it’s a lie, why even speak on it, just do positive things and show everyone your the better person. MiMi can’t do that cause she has done so many bad things she knows doing p-rn for the world to see and her daughter will one day, MiMi can’t talk about nobody she needs to stay off social media and you know she is not going to quit that show because where will she get money.


  11. Both of them are wrong! If she made up the rumor Joseline has no right to spread that rumor without knowning for a fact that its true. Even then she should have been going to the police or mimi not to social media!

  12. My only question is why did it roll off stevie back? I mean he is the accused s-x offender but Mimi the one who cant stop talking about it. And as far as stevie other kids why not hop on they mamas for throwing stevie in jail for unpaid child support?? At some point Joseline has to stop being the vilian

  13. Stevie is addicted to coke and owes a million plus dollars in unpaid child support. He was also abusive to Joseline when the show first started and tried to control her by threatening to make her go back to the strip club if she didn’t do what he wanted. As far as I’m concerned he deserves all he’s getting from her now.

  14. So Mimi’s own family member started the rumor but her beef is with Joseline. Why am I not surprised?

  15. It’s annoying how Stevie, a grown man, really gets no blame for any of this. Who held a gun to his head and forced him to keep dealing with Joseline? It’s all misplaced anger if you ask me. Stevie is the one who now has a baby with Joseline. I have no sympathy for him at all. Especially when he didn’t even want to claim that baby.

  16. Everything that my Sis is saying is so true !! I use to live in Georgia and a very close friend did the exact same thing to me !! But her version of events was horrific for my family. She lied and said that I had kidnap my children from there father and bought them to Georgia to be with a married man. When CPA came to investigate they go thru your whole house, opening cabinets , dresser, frigderator, etc.. And my family had to come to court and testify that they were the ones along with there father moved me to Georgia . My Sister you and your daughter are in my prayers always . Never bring a knife to a gun fight !! Leave the kids out of it !! Handling your $?!&)! Like a woman !! And man up !!

  17. MiMi could have lost her child when that p-rn video of her swinging from that shower rod with nasty Nico came out. THAT’S PORN ALL DAY LONG. IJS

  18. She jealous of Joseline and she like keeping up mess she needs to mind her own. And the woman she like is friends with Joseline. You couldn’t keep her either Mimi , you need to grow up and stop playing high schooll mess

    1. Mimi jealous of Joseline? No way. I can’t imagine anyone being jealous of Joseline. There is nothing for Mimi to be jealous of. She definitely no longer wants Stevie. It’s very obvious that she outgrew Stevie a long time. For the most part, she treats him like a little boy who she tries to keep in line to keep him from self-destruction — not for herself, but for her daughter. Even more noticeable is that those of us who can see behind Joseline’s mouth and makeup and wigs and bravado, etc., see a sad, miserable, warped, pathetic soul who is in so much pain that she tries (unsuccessfully) to get rid of it by dumping it onto other people. She’s barely literate, has a vocabulary of mostly profanity, and at 30 plus has no adult coping skills. Mimi did one outrageous thing: made a sex tape. Everything about Joseline is outrageous, including what she has said about her past. No comparison. No jealousy.

  19. I think they all a mess what’s the purpose you gang up but when she retalliate everybody can’t take it stop hating and let her be if she ain’t messing with you stay out light everybody want be a star and be heard and seen nobody got nothing nice to say leave Stevie and Joseline alone if that’s where he want to be then who’s business is it come on mini you have done some horrible stuff all y’all look at your past ain’t one worst then another bad is bad God don’t rate one over another I know if Joseline is doing 28 day program and hundred more things she ain’t got time for none of y’all so get busy yourself and mine your business Stevie happy ? so leave them alone and stop making up stuff and let sleeping dogs ly wait until y’all turn come cause you all get one see how you handle it

  20. Mimi have no reason at all to be jealous of Joseline. Angry, i can understand. You bringing an innocent child in the situation. No matter what Joseline and Stevie have going on, she need to keep it between them 2, and leave Mimi and Eva out of it. Stevie is a fool for being with a so-called woman that’s trying to ruin his live. Joseline and Stevie really have issues, and both need counseling. They are both toxic to each other.

  21. Mimi have no reason at all to be jealous of Joseline. Angry, i can understand. You bringing an innocent child in the situation. No matter what Joseline and Stevie have going on, she need to keep it between them 2, and leave Mimi and Eva out of it. Stevie is a fool for being with a so-called woman that’s trying to ruin his live. Joseline and Stevie really have issues, and both need counseling. They are both toxic to each other.

  22. First of all, someone needs to tell MiMi to cover up those basketballs sitting on her chest! Second, she needs to stay out of Stevie and Joseline’s relationship – old girl was so desperate to hang onto Stevie, she slept with Joseline, the person she claims to hate so much! Joseline runs circles around MiMi without moving a muscle, but MiMi is so desperate, she’ll keep trying to dictate Stevie’s love life when she isn’t hooking up with losers like Niko! She’s always passing judgment on other ppl’s behavior when she’s proven to be a woman of no morals or self respect, who’ll do just about anything. She only hates on Joseline cuz Joseline is the No. 1 puppet master and beat her at the ‘who does Stevie love more’ game. The reality is that neither of them wins cuz Stevie is who he is and he’ll always be in both their lives wrecking havoc!

  23. First of all you don’t know what the f-ck I got. If you read my comment I never said anything about the lie that was told, what I said tramp was the whore MiMi is just mad that Joseline has a baby by Stevie and that MiMi was a p-rn star and that she has no room to say anything about nobody.

  24. You forgot MiMi had a thresome with Joseline and Stevie and Mimi has slept with about 5 women in Atlanta not to mention how many men. Goggle Mimi she has been coated with many colors. Mimi has no room to talk about Joseline.

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