Joseline Hernandez Threatens to Sue Mona Scott Young + Accuses Her of Destroying Kirk & Rasheeda’s Marriage

Joseline Hernandez is absolutely livid with Mona Scott Young, VH1 and LHHATL producers. She recently posted a response to her Instagram account, criticizing Mona and VH1 for trying to make her look crazy and as a difficult person to work with.

Joseline said the following in her eight minute long response:

So I am just looking at this Love and Hip Hop trailer… So y’all made me look like this crazy person, like everything that went on wasn’t a cause of Mona Scott Young.

Mona, lets just keep it real. I quit the show, and now you wanna run back these plays that I did 3 years ago. Whatcha tryna downplay me for?

I mean, it’s been 3-4 years since I got into a fight on Love and Hip Hop. I’m a mother. Why would you even try to play those videos that happened for years ago?

You mad because you owe me money… And you on some bull****. You owe me money. The network owe me money.

Now you wanna do all that s*** since I quit… Make me look like a crazy person and your producers don’t make people fight? You f***ed up Kirk and Rasheeda’s life with this f***in b****.

But then you wanna do my last scene like I’m this crazy person. How you gonna make me Executive Producer if I’m f***in cuckoo? I executive produced the delivery special that got 2.1 million viewers for VH1. How does this make me reckless? You gave me a budget that you never showed me. You never showed me how much the budget was. But you still play me. But you can’t play me. You still owe me money. It’s black and white.

Your show will never elevate because you are always tying to downplay colored people. And Mona you should do better than that because you’re Haitian. You’re supposed to be one of us but you’re steady trying to downplay us. Why would you show that kind of person that I used to be 3, 4 years ago? Why? Because you got upset because I’m no longer your monkey, you can no longer puppet master me, you can’t no longer let my baby daddy control me. Stevie denied my baby for 10 months. Her last name is Hernandez.

Joseline claims she is owed $150,000.

It’s been previously reported that Joseline Hernandez quit LHHATL after her displeasure with the set up of the reunion taping, and Stevie J. declining to join her in New York for an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show. LHHATL producers also spoke out and said Joseline had been difficult to work with all season, unwilling to film with certain people and became hostile towards production.

Mona also responded to Joseline Hernandez on Instagram when Joseline previously made threats to expose her.

Here’s a clip of of the response below.

And just in case you missed it, here’s what VH1 had to say about Joseline on last night’s episode:

Here’s Joseline’s full Instagram Live video below:


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  1. My thing is they never minded Joseline being off the chain until she decided to quit the show. Now she’s a problem? Now? Whatever.

  2. I don’t doubt that Joseline does the absolute most a lot of the times, but they had an opportunity to fire her and Stevie when they came to the reunion coked out and fought everybody. Why wasn’t Joseline considered difficult to work with then? It’s obvious that they only have an issue with Joseline now because she quit. And that’s dirty to me.

    1. Agreed, this needs to be the question put to Mona now. I thought that was awful how they did Joseline.

  3. Joseline is not going to win this fight. Mona will blackball her and make sure no one books her ever again. Hell Chrissy had to go to an entirely different network after she came for Mona.

  4. Mona is petty as f-ck but tries to pretend she’s so above the ratchet sh-t she’s made a fortune off of. I see right through her bullsh-t. As for Joseline, she’s crazy as f-ck. She needs to own that sh-t and stop saying she changed.

  5. Chrissy and Jim were the first people to expose Mona but everyone thought they were just hating.

  6. Well maybe it’s just me but I’m glad she’s not on the show no more she was hella irritating but I’m sure she’ll come back cuz she has nothing else going on. This could be all a ploy just to get a spin-off because I’ve read somewhere that she supposed to be joining Love & Hip Hop Miami along with Scrappy so maybe this beef is just manufactured to get people talking so when she move on to her new show everybody will watch.

  7. Did vh1 do Joseline dirty yes but I’m not about to feel sorry for her a** she had no problem acting a fool to become a reality star. Mona and vh1 used Joseline and vice versa neither one of them have clean hands. Nobody works with Mona without getting burned eventually.

  8. Maybe Joseline was a mess, or maybe she was jus too real. I mean its women faking sex tapes for a storyline, the same married couple going through the same cheating storyline, and lets not get on all the other new and coming strippers turned rappers thats on every season. The show is real weak and needs to be cancelled, its time to show something new

  9. I honestly feel like Mona calls herself trying to put Joseline in her place. But even if you don’t like Joseline (which a lot of people don’t), you have to start wondering about Mona because this ain’t the first time this has been said about her.

  10. Like I said on the recap, I think Joseline needs to walk away and revamp her image. She wants to be a star but the way she is now won’t work outside of L&HH. Cardi B is what she could have been but Joseline isn’t likable enough.

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