Kanye’s Real Beef with Jay-Z is Beyonce Didn’t Befriend Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: Beyonce

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West is reportedly not very happy about the way he was referenced lyrically on Jay-Z’s latest studio album.

In the lyrics, Jay rapped that he gave Kanye a $20 million advance for his troubled tour. However, he felt like the money was thrown down the drain since Kanye decided to rant on stage instead of actually perform.

His actions then led to cancelled tour dates and irritated fans.

Kanye is supposed to be resuming the tour this year, but he’s severed ties with Tidal and has threatened to sue the streaming company because he claims he’s owed $3 million for bringing new subscribers to the platform.

Despite the recent headlines regarding Kanye and his fallout with Jay, “4:44″ has now been certified platinum.

Interestingly enough, sources are now saying Kanye isn’t mad at Jay for business reasons.

In fact, a new report claims he’s at odds with Jay because Beyonce isn’t friends with Kim Kardashian.

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  1. You can’t force someone to be friends with your wife if that’s not what they want to do naturally. As long as Beyonce isn’t rude to Kim (which she hasn’t been), Kanye needs to really find better battles to fight. I don’t even think Kim cares as much as he does.

  2. Kanye and Kim need to get over it. Beyonce is a grown woman and has every right to choose her own friends. I swear the Wests act like they are still in high school. Their priorities are all messed up.

    1. Thank you! That family has built an empire off the backs of black people and still think to this day they are entitled to the success of talented black people. I can’t stand them.

  3. This sh-t is weird. Like did he tell Kim he could get her in Beyonce’s inner circle if they got together? Is that why she married him? Their obsession with Beyonce is very weird.

    1. When are people going to realize that Kim is NOT thinking about that nutty attention starved Beyonce who keeps making up these headlines. Surely Kim has more important things to think about. Clipping toenails are way more important than Ms. Weave.

  4. I swear they have been on Beyonce’s nuts since day one. This woman literally just works and spends time with her family and this nutty couple is trying to control her with their paid stories. They have some serious issues.

  5. Kim and Kanye is obsessed with bee! I think one of the reasons Kim got with Kanye is too run in the same circles as her. I wouldn’t be suprised if she not at home nagging him about setting up a double date so she can call the paps.

  6. Kim is not used to black women not bowing down to her. I cringe everything I see Serena walking behind Kim with her head down like Kim is the bigger star. Of course Kim eats it up. Ugh.

  7. When are people going to realize that Kim is NOT thinking about that nutty attention starved Beyonce who keeps making up these headlines. Surely Kim has more important things to think about. Clipping toenails are way more important than Ms. Weave.

    1. I’m convinced you’re a troll. Everyone with a brain knows Beyonce isn’t the one who needs to make up headlines. That’s what Kim, Kanye and the rest of their attention starved family are known to do in the industry. They are having a family meeting right now to cook up another stunt since the one from yesterday did so well.

    2. You’re the nutty and attention starved one. You only post your dusty and delusional comments on Beyonce posts. It’s not Beyonce’s fault that you don’t get any attention in real life. Log off and get some therapy.

  8. Kim and Kanye are full of themselves. Sometimes you click with people and sometimes you don’t. Move around.

  9. Bey remains unbothered as always. She doesn’t worry about silly nonsense like this when she’s busy being a great mother and collecting accolades. This is why Kanye’s career is where it is now. He’s not focused and cares about superficial things that won’t matter when he’s dead and gone. He’s acting like a Kardashian. They worry about social status and relevancy because they don’t have legitimate talents and careers. The Carters don’t know what that’s like. ?

  10. Kim just want fame she will use anybody even her husband. They are exploitative towards the black community they are the best culture vulture ever. They are just making money at pretending to be black I hope they get sued.

  11. Kimye is pathetic like why don’t they just realize Bey don’t like them she just tolerates them when she has to…….they need to get over it…its NEVER gonna happen

  12. Well Kim didn’t even like Kanye until he blew up and got cool with the Carters. She used to go around telling people that his hygiene was questionable and he smelled because he likes to wear the same pants over and over without washing them. Then her flop marriage happened and she needed Kanye to save her career. The Carters know what time it is and refuse to be a part of the foolishness.

  13. This is a bad look for Kim and Kanye. There are way more important things in life than who you’re friends with and take pictures with. They are very shallow. Spend time with those who love you and want to be in your presence. It has to be exhausting to base your entire existence on being popular all the time.

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