Saniy’yah Goes Off on Tami Roman + Exposes Cast Members

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By: A.J. Niles

The latest episode of “Basketball Wives” began with the fallout of Jackie and Evelyn and their alteration.

However, the end of last night’s episode also featured some unexpected fireworks. These fireworks came from the newbies Hazel, her friend Ashley and Saniy’yah.

Saniy’yah had been involved in various other conflicts this season, most notably with Cristen Metoyer.

However, this conflict with Ashley and Hazel is still piping hot as Saniy’yah just called out both of them for the shade they threw on the show.

Apparently, Ashley and Hazel forgot who helped to bring them onto the show and forgot the extent of Saniy’yah’s relationship with the father of Ashley’s child, NBA player Lou Williams.

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  1. I don’t understand why she’s mad. This situation actually gave her a storyline. After the Cristen thing, she’s really been forgettable like most of the new girls.

    1. Some ppl actually take family seriously them hoes tried it..and got served everything about what they did was messy, Everybody ain’t for sale, and if she don’t make it back to next season she went out with a bang .. All them hoes fake & on the take✌

  2. Sh-t Saniy’yah dragged both of those b-tches by her damn self. That sh-t was hilarious. How do you double team someone and still lose?

    1. Self proclaimed “keep it real” fake Tami gave her fake niece a false sense of security which lead to her getting slid- on ? Leech drama promoter Shaunie is exploiting women and in the same breath mentions “Women empowerment” ? Eve seems to think her “hoeness” has been / can be deleting ?.. All 3 can have a cold tall glass of Clorox on me?

  3. It was weird that Tami kept calling Hazel her niece. Hell if that was really her niece she would have thrown hands that night to help her. She’s been on some weird sh-t all season long to be honest.

  4. This has been a very messy season. You can tell producers don’t know what they want to do. They have to stop hiring all these new people like this.

  5. I like this chick. Notice Tami’s big a-s didn’t want no action. She did not try to jump in and help her fake niece.

  6. I didn’t like Saniya but that shyt they pulled at her dinner was foul. How you show up to someone else’s shin-dig they didn’t invite you to and then when asked to leave nicely give backtalk ……I haven’t been feeling Hazel since she made that appearance on RHOA…..she ain’t nothing but a trouble making snooty winch so I’m happy she got slapped or touched…and that Ashley chick is wack. As for Tami I like her but I wasn’t feelig her last night like how long has she known Hazel to be calling her, her niece

  7. Shaunie and Tami know they need to stop being so dramatic. BBW Miami was way more ratchet than this.

  8. Shaunie is fake as fuk , she so damn two faced. She needs to really gt called out on her sh-t but, then again she will fire you. Saniya post to have gotten on that a-s, damn bisch I asked you to leave and you tell me no.

  9. Tami threw shade at Evelyn, didn’t help her niece.Why is she still on?Her and crazy Jackie need to go.

  10. I have to admit that I’ve been disappointed in Tami this season. She’s been very messy and phony and I’m just not here for it.

  11. Actually I was a little confused because I could’ve sworn I saw Tami taking off some items like she was about to fight, and making her way towards the girls before it looked like someone grabbed her. I kept rewinding it just to make sure I wasn’t tripping lol. My confusion came because I thought to myself “what the hell does Tami has to do with it?” and then once she called Hazel her niece after the altercation, her reaction made much more sense.

    I actually found this blog trying to figure out if that was her real niece lol. But I say all that to say, unlike you all, it actually did look like Tami was trying to get involved in the fight initially. Go back and watch right after Saniyyah hits Hazel. They cut the camera to Tami, and it looks like she was about to get involved until she was stopped.

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