Saniy’yah and Tami Roman Make Peace + Saniy’yah Then Shades Tami Again

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Basketball Wives” has been pretty chaotic.

Casting has been a revolving door of drama in itself thanks to producers hiring way too many new faces at once.

On the latest episode, things got real after there was a major clash between newbies Saniy’yah and Hazel.

Hours after the episode aired, Saniy’yah was so heated she even came for Tami Roman’s neck on Instagram.

Now both have kissed and made up…possibly.

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  1. Tami is so fake this season. Like what the hell happened to her? She keeps playing both sides with everyone and I don’t like it at all. Stand by the bullsh-t you say Tami.

  2. Tami has been in the game way too long to blame her shady actions on editing. No one forced her to say what she said about Saniy’yah. She said she was done, so then she needs to be done. I’m so annoyed with Tami this season.

  3. Saniy’yah is just trying to make sure she gets to come back next season. She knows people are hired and fired based on how Tami feels.

  4. I think she knows she has to play nice with Tami if she wants to come back next season. And that’s cool but don’t say you’re real if you’re going to play the same game these other girls have been playing.

  5. All of them are scrambling trying to secure their spots for the next season. It’s pathetic to see.

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