Stevie J’s Daughter Savannah Thinks Joseline Hernandez is Scared of Her

Savannah and Joseline Hernandez had a heated exchange on a past episode of LHHATL and the two haven’t been on the best of terms for a long time.

This confrontation on the show led to Savannah being escorted away from the set to prevent things from getting physical.

Joseline also has an on-going beef with LHHATL creator Mona Scott Young and K. Michelle. So it seems like Joseline really has many enemies from the show.

However, Savanah apparently believes that her beef with Joseline is the reason why Joseline didn’t take stage at the reunion.

Savannah was quite subtle with this reveal on social media.

Check out the following liked tweet.

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  1. Wrong, Joseline in no way scared of Stevie’s daughter. Joseline loves Steve and beating his daughters a-s might mess that relationship up.

  2. Joseline punched Stevie in the face on camera and Erica said she hit her in the jaw when they fought. I doubt she’s afraid of an 18 year old child. Security stepped in to protect Savannah. Not the other way around. She needs to stop letting these Twitter clowns hype her up.

  3. Yeah no. I know Joseline isn’t invincible but she was really unbothered when Savannah stood up. She’s not afraid of Savannah. Like at all.

  4. Girl please only reason why I think Joseline won’t lay hands on her is because the backlash. That would be a real bad look to put hands on Stevie’s child even if she is grown she is still viewed as a child.

  5. The internet really make people hard. Joseline beefing with mona why the hell would she do the reunion

  6. I don’t like this little girl. She has been playing victim the whole time but she’s messy as f-ck and old enough to get her a-s whooped.

  7. lol and y’all are really defending Joseline when she got a restraining order against Tommie and called the police lol. Joseline is a nobody trash bag druggie that got drug at all the nightclubs in Miami. Y’all really think this trash bag can actually fight she’s all bark, if you meet her outside the club she WILL run and call popo.. remember when Alexa drug you out that club on South Beach Joseline??

  8. Hell yea I seen her in action at one of the reunions and she put that restraining order on Tommie cause she was protecting her unborn baby, I don’t have a problem with coming outside to play with anybody but not when a dumb b-tch tells me she is going to shoot me and my unborn baby hell yea that’s the right thing to do. I live in the A and trust me Joseline is not no punk.

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