Watch: Juan Dixon Discusses Where He Stands with Robyn Dixon

In a recent podcast, Robyn revealed that she believes things are much better between her and Juan.

Interestingly enough, at the reunion, things were still a bit one-sided.

When asked about if they can ever be romantic again, Juan told Andy he’s not sure what it would take and they don’t even discuss the topic.

And when Andy asked Juan if he’s regretful about cheating on Juan, his answer was…interesting.

Check out the preview below:

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  1. Now I thought Robyn said things started getting better for them by the reunion. So why is he acting like he’s still not trying to be with her?

  2. Jesus be some self-esteem for Robyn smh. I cringed watching this and it was so obvious how Juan really feels for Robyn so much so it made everybody on that stage so uncomfortable.

  3. Robyn is so in denial. She keeps saying she doesn’t know why everyone thinks things are not ok. She said at the reunion, “Im fine”. Well Robyn no you are not fine. Even Stevie Wonder can see that there is a problem. First its a communication problem. I don’t think Juan wants to hurt her and/or he does not want his kids going back and forth or looking at a new step father everyday. I think both are afraid for the kids more than anything as to what divorce will do to them due to their ages. I know it will be an adjustment for the kids both kids are nosey and are not that stupid to not know that things are not that the way they should be between their parents. Kids can sense closeness between parents and they can also sense when its not there. For some reason I don’t believe Robyn when she says that they have had s-x. Robyn said on the show that there was a wall built up between them but that its on her part. Robyn does not trust Juan because he has cheated. She has not forgiven him. When you have truly forgiven then you let it go and move on and be happy. This woman says she is happy but she is not. Juan definitely is not. Both are lying to themselves, their kids, and everyone. The reason she is so mad at Ashley is because Ashley sees through all of it. Ashley knows who he is creeping with and she was being a friend telling Robyn. Robyn just wanted to shoot the messenger and got mad at Ashley for telling her. Robyn knows he is getting it from somewhere if he is not sexing at home. Please! Enough with the naivet√©. It sad but its time for us to have a knock down drag out honest conversation, no beating around the bush. What the HELL are we doing?! A lie is a HARD lie especially when you are living it! Life is too short!

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