RHOP Recap: Ashley & Michael Are Separated + Charrisse Did Not Come to Play with Karen

The husbands join the stage.

Juan says he was reluctant to come because of his new job as head coach of Coppin State University. He decided to show up to support Robyn.

Ray says he and Karen’s move from Potomac wasn’t secretive because the house was on the market for a year and a half. He also says that they were initially supposed to downsize, but Karen eventually wanted a bigger house. He also counteracts Karen’s story of moving to aid her sick parents and says they didn’t move to be closer to her parents. In fact, he says Karen didn’t even discuss the possibility of her parents moving in.

He also confronts Charrisse and says he hasn’t been broke since he was 17 so he doesn’t understand why she called him the “Broke Bill Gates.”

Gizelle tells him she appreciates his intent but felt his delivery was harsh as far as him advising her to find a man while she still has her good looks.

Chris says he was disappointed his mother called Monique a heifer on camera, and Monique says she hasn’t picked up the phone to speak to her since.

Juan explains his comments to the producer.

He says he didn’t say it to hurt Robyn at all. He says he might have been upset that day and probably wasn’t in the mood to film. Despite that, he says their kids are the number one priority.

Robyn says it was hurtful to see the viewers’ reaction to what Juan said because it’s not the “story” that she knows.

When asked if they could get on a romantic path again, Juan says it’s not something that they discuss and he has no idea how to get back to that place, besides “working on it.”

He says he regrets how he handled their marriage but as far as cheating, there’s “two sides to every story.” He reminds Andy that there are two people in a marriage.

He also says he’s sure both of them have learned from their mistakes.

When Andy asks if Juan thinks about dating other people, he says his family and his career is what he’s focused on right now. He says he’s open to seeing what happens in the future.

Monique asks what will happen when their sons go to college, Robyn says it’s important for their sons to be raised with a father in the home.

Ashley and Michael discuss their troubled marriage.

Ashley says it was rough to watch the playbacks of her and Michael arguing on camera.

“Michael and I have decided to part ways and live separately. Just to trial and see if maybe some time apart would bring us back together because I don’t really believe in being in a situation where both people are unhappy without trying to rectify it.” – Ashley

Ashley says that she and Michael are separated. They have been living apart for three months. She also says she didn’t feel valuable and took her insecurities about owning a business at 28 years old out on Michael.

Gizelle says it breaks her heart to hear Michael and Ashley are separated. Michael says Gizelle didn’t help matters by how she and Robyn came to Oz and showed out. He also says Charrisse’s comments on their marriage were a factor as well.

“I think that’s an unfair statement.” – Charrisse

Robyn says that Ashley and Michael were having problems with their marriage and with Oz before she and Gizelle came to the restaurant to confront Ashley.

Michael says a person’s business should be off the table and Robyn fires back that so should someone’s relationship.

He also says the taste test event with the bloggers was stressful and he was fearful the RHOP ladies were going to attend and create more problems.

Ashley confirms she is the one who moved out and she lives in Alexandria, Virginia. She says she had an epiphany that she doesn’t want to get a divorce two weeks ago and Michael says he feels the same way. For now, they are taking things slow and getting counseling. Ashley wants them to be on the same page before they try to make things work.

Michael seems to think their age differences may play a role in their problems.

Karen and Gizelle say it sounds like Michael is ready to leave the relationship but he denies it and says he likes being with Ashley “a lot.”

“I love him. I really do. He’s my person.” – Ashley

The husbands leave the stage.

Charrise gives an update on Eddie, throws Ashley under a bus.

Monique says she and her husband are getting a divorce. She is the one who filed. She says Eddie has moved on and has a girlfriend. She wants to start dating again.

When Ashley tells Charrisse she heard she and Eddie has “freaky, deeky” parties at their house back in the day, Charrisse tells her that she knows she and Michael go to gay clubs. Ashley confirms this.

“I mean people do different things. You and your husband go to gay clubs, so…” – Charrise.

“We sure do.” – Ashley

Charrisse and Karen discuss their Bermuda trip fallout.

Karen says that she and Charrisse didn’t work well together. But Charrisse says she’s not sure what issue Karen has with her and Karen says they just don’t gel.

As far as Karen going off on Charrisse when the cameras disappeared, she says Robyn going to her hotel room angered her and she believes Charrisse sent her there.

The conversation then shifts to the accusations Karen made in which she claims Charrisse was sleeping with a fireman.

Charrisse tells Karen to share the picture she has of the fireman she’s supposedly dating.

“It’s not factual.” – Charrisse

Robyn and Charrisse say some random woman on Twitter made up the fireman story and it’s not true.

Karen says she has different information but she’s not going to share it.

Charrisse then says she doesn’t discuss the fact that she’s heard Karen has a boyfriend nicknamed “Blue Eyes.”

Karen says the person Charrisse is referring to is her security guard and driver. Gizelle, Monique and Ashley say they have met him and he’s very attractive.

Karen then reminds Charrisse that when the claims about the fireman came out from the person on Instagram, she called Charrisse to make sure everything was okay. However, she knows Charrisse has been talking about her in the streets of Potomac.

Karen then makes a quip about not coming from sports money and Charrisse says that Karen seems to think that coming from intelligent money instead of sports money makes her superior to the other ladies.

“And I’m still in my house.” – Charrisse

“You still in your house? I hope so.” – Karen

Gizelle tells Karen it isn’t a good look that she’s been out and about with this driver and people in Potomac really do think she’s having an affair.

“Karen, all jokes aside. It’s not good look and…No, I’m saying in the streets of Potomac…everybody has seen you with this guy. And everybody knows that you’re married. And so I’m just saying as friend to friend, it’s not a good look.” – Gizelle

When Karen says Gizelle has been seen around Potomac with three different men, Gizelle reminds her that she’s single and not married.

Karen says the rumor about Blue Eyes is years old but Gizelle says it’s current. Karen then says Charrisse has been sleeping with two firemen and a superintendent.

“None of you have seen laid any eyes on anybody. They have seen Blue Eyes, okay?” – Charrisse

After all the scandalous accusations, Monique confirms she and Gizelle are now in a good place. Gizelle agrees and says she’s in a better place with Charrisse as well.


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  1. Now this is how a reunion is supposed to be. They didn’t need four parts either. I got my entire life because the tea was endless!

  2. I think this was a solid season but the reunion was excellent. They honestly should keep the cast exactly how it is. Monique is an excellent addition and I’m interested in seeing how next season will go for Ashley & Michael as well as Juan & Robyn. Overall, I did enjoy this better than the last season of RHOA. But think RHOA 10 will be great.

  3. This whole reunion was better than the whole last season of RHOA. They focused way too much on that Kandi and Porsha bullsh-t.

  4. Right now, RHOA is still better. But RHOP has a lot of potential. This reunion was definitely much better than the last RHOA reunion.

  5. Sad to know Ashely and Michael separated but it sounds like they could get back together. Ashley and Michael need to learn how to speak to each other when they disagree over the business. Both of them were wrong for the way they talked to each other in front of the cameras as well. You have to respect one another.

  6. Now I agree with what Ashely has said about Robyn and Juan. I mean it was true. Staying in a situation just for the sake of your kids sounds like the right thing to do but it affects them just as much as a divorce would. Kids can sense when something ain’t real and they could sort resenting them for it. However, Ashley now needs to focus on her own situation with Michael. They are a hop and skip away from a divorce.

  7. I think this was a good season. I don’t really have any complaints and I’m really happy Monique worked out so well. I like her.

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