DJ Duffey Responds to Tami Roman

Last night, fans of “Basketball Wives” got to see Tami in action as she took a stab at stand-up comedy.

During her performance, she took some shots at her former nemesis, DJ Duffey.

Here’s what she said:

“Those b*tches from ‘Basketball Wives’ tried to come for me. Talking bout Tami just go from show to show and job to job. You motherf*cking right. Who the f*ck you think I want to be? You sitting at home wondering where my next big check is coming from? Hey, Duffey.”

Thanks to social media, it didn’t take long before Duffey got word about the joke.

She’s currently the DJ for French Montana on his tour, but she made some time to respond:

Tami reassured a follower that she’s happy for Duffey and she was just telling jokes:

Check out the video below:

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  1. Duffey gets more checks than Tami does though. Being fired from BBW didn’t hurt her at all. Her career has been popping. Same thing with Angel Brinks. Get over yourself Tami.

  2. Lame joke. Oh and I think Tami is jealous of Evelyn. She seems really bothered by the fact that Evelyn got wifed up by Carl and is set for life.

  3. Tami really thought Duffey was out here struggling just because she’s not on BBW. Maybe that’s why Tami is afraid to leave the show.

  4. Tami is so two faced they really need to get rid of her.She didn’t make jokes,she took cheap shots.

  5. Tami need to give it a rest. Damn “Sugar Mama!” We know she need all the checks she can get, messing with Reggie. Tami is a “BITTER BIHHHH!” She should have saved her $$$ up , when she was with Kenny. I’m sure that’s what the others did on a rainy day…lol ?? Ask Evelyn ! IJS.

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