Mehgan James Reveals Her New Bae on Instagram + Then Gets Called Out

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Bad Girls Club” and former “Basketball Wives LA” star Mehgan James denied being romantically linked to Rob Kardashian weeks ago.

Apparently she’s found romance with an up and coming boxer.

She posted the man on her Instagram account the other day but it went left pretty quickly in the comment section of the post.


Well it’s because her new bae has been accused of domestic violence.

Click next for the details.

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  1. Mehgan really needs to get over herself and understand she has no right to call his ex a liar. She wasn’t there.

  2. When you have no talent, your relevance completely depends on who you are dating. And because of that, Mehgan will ignore the red flags as long as this pairing will get her back on the blogs.

  3. I hate that this younger generation classifies anything they don’t like to hear as hating. They limit their own potential with their dislike of criticism.

  4. She’s very naive. He’s not popular enough to be on TMZ but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

  5. If someone tells me my man was abusive to the last chick, I’m not going to brush that off and just pretend everyone is so jealous of me. That’s an immature outlook to have on the situation. I’m starting to believe she really did start those rumors about her dating Rob K. She’s very thirsty and annoying.

  6. The f-ck? You don’t downplay accusations like these. What the f-ck is Mehgan’s problem? I don’t give a f-ck how cute a n-gga is. Once an abuser, always an abuser. If he did that sh-t, he will go upside Mehgan’s head too.

  7. Abuse comes in many forms. Ppl can be blinded by so called “love” especially when it’s new. That man sounds narcissistic. The facts that he berated his pregnant girlfriend and was verbally and emotionally abusive was terrible. I’m not surprised it led to physical abuse. So glad she got away from that. Hoping she’s doing well. Unfortunately he’ll always be in her life bc of their child.

  8. This man sounds like he sucks. I guess all of that doesn’t matter because he’s cute with a little bit of fame though right? Some women are so lame.

  9. She needs to ask Toya Wright how things turn out when you refuse to listen to what the last chick is saying. Not everyone is hating. Everyone ain’t jealous. Some men really are f-cked up and need to be avoided.

  10. Mehgan James is a joke! She goes from one reality show to the next. Her recent one – Marriage Bootcamp was too much! Stevie Wonder, would had seen that she and DeAndre…had no relationship…..whatsoever! How he allowed her to manipulate him to come on the show. I don’t know?? At least it appeared he learned something and hopefully saw what we all did with Mehgan James. That she’s looking for a come-up with money! Run as far away from her as possible. No one should be with someone who does not love them or respect them. DeAndre, you are still young… on yourself and keep your distance. This woman has no emotions or a heart. She’s quick to point the finger at others and their issues but don’t see her own. Bye girl!!!! We all see that something deeper is wrong with you. Do us all a favor…. stay off of television!!!!! You have just showed the world what you are about (the almighty dollar) any man with common sense should stay away from you unless it’s someone who is ready to break you. Not everyone can be an Actress….You first have to show your emotions to which you don’t have. Plus you are BORING!!!

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