Mama Jones Calls out Mimi Faust

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night, part two of the reunion for season six of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” aired, and many can agree the drama was lacking.

Most took to social media to discuss Joseline Hernandez quitting the show.

Mimi Faust had plenty to say about Joseline at the reunion and she made it clear that she’s glad Joseline is gone because she feels Joseline is a toxic person.

Interestingly enough, Jim Jones’ mother Mama Jones just thinks Mimi is very hypocritical.

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  1. Exactly. I realized Mimi is just as messed up as Stevie and Joseline after she made that tape. Homegirl really made a whole s-x tape because she needed a storyline. Why didn’t she think about her daughter then? She’s such a hypocritical bore.

  2. And didn’t Nikko says she really did the tape because she wanted to take the spotlight away from Joseline? Mimi needs to get all the way off her high horse. She’s got a lot of issues too.

  3. Chile bye mind ur business lady ?? idgaf what i do if i dnt want anyone around my child/children then thats what is gonna be

    1. That’s fine if you don’t want certain people around your kids,BUT if you are going around making s-x tapes and sleeping with lots of women not to mention having a 3some with the same person you don’t want around your child, that’s does not pass the smell test. When you make a s-x tape and put it out for people to see then it’s every ones business. MiMi is mad that Joseline has a baby by Stevie now she knows Stevie will always keep Joseline in the picture, so get use to it, cause Stevie will be with Joseline before he will ever be with NASTY MIMI.

  4. The only people who can’t see through Mimi’s pathetic bulls-t are the people who hate Joseline just as much as she does. Everyone else has known for years that Mimi ain’t sh-t and if she was so concerned about Eva, her a-s would have never been swinging off shower rods and sucking Nikko’s d-ck for a storyline. And why is she even still on the show?

    1. Let’s not forget that Mimi has slept with Joseline and Stevie in 3somes and would do it again.

  5. Mimi is so annoying. Notice she never got that restraining order on Joseline. That was all just so she would have a storyline this season. She’s fake and I can’t stand her a-s.

      1. I thought the requirement for a restraining order was physical harm had to be done, right? I think Anonymous is saying Mimi knew she wouldn’t get it but applied for one just for a storyline.

          1. That’s not true look at Rob and Chyna. And investigation was done because she said Stevie J and his father committed a sexual crime. The judge would have granted it all day. Especially with Stevie being a public figure since 97..

  6. I’m not a fan of p-rn but Mimi has the right not to want certain people around her kid. Mimi busting it wide open on camera does not compare to Joseline lying about a child being raped by her dad. She’s dangerous and I don’t see how anyone could be around her. Ugh.

    1. That is not what she tweeted. She said nothing about Mimi not having a right to say Joseline can’t be around Eva.

      1. Mimi’s niece was paid by Joseline to say that. His daughter’s told that part.

        And if this isn’t about MiMi not wanting Joseline around her kids, why make the tweet? She has every to judge her based upon that lie.

        1. Incorrect. That is not what Mimi said. I’ll paste it here:

          “My niece, my flesh and blood, my brother’s daughter, she kicked it off. But my niece didn’t have a following. So when she kicked it off, she contacted her [Joseline]. Old girl had a following. She put the lighter fluid on the flame…and then she added her two cents in about his father and everything. It was just disgusting. It was disgusting. She also paid my niece $2500 to testify in court. She paid my niece $2500 to say this in court”.

          If you reread what I posted, you see that Mimi herself said her niece started the rumor. She posted it on her Instagram. When it didn’t make the blogs, she contacted Joseline and told her to share it with her followers. Joseline added the bit about Stevie’s dad and then told Mimi’s niece that she would pay her to testify in court ($2500). Joseline did not make Mimi’s niece start anything. She did that on her own but for some reason, she is not being held accountable and everything is being blamed on Joseline. That’s how I know this isn’t about morals. And this isn’t about Eva. This is about Mimi and Stevie’s daughters continuing their hate campaign against someone they have always been jealous of. It’s not Joseline’s fault Stevie is a crappy father who can’t seem to shake Joseline. Mimi is so jealous she even made a s*x tape to outdo her. It’s going to be interesting to see what Mimi does now that her sole reason for being on LHHATL is gone.

        2. Now I agree Joseline was wrong to do what she did, but I would just like for people to also hold everyone else accountable as well for their actions. Especially Stevie and Mimi. They are not innocent but the only person who is ever held accountable for anything is Joseline. I do not think that’s fair.

    2. Exactly at least you have some sense and not just riding Joselines d!!ck. Child services got involved At the end of the day Joseline should have charged for using social media to make false accusations along with taking up child services time. There are real kids being abused and that shows how sadistic and fvckd up in the head she is. Along wit her wack a$$ supporters.

      1. So Mimi’s niece should be charged too since she’s the one Mimi said posted it on Instagram first, correct? Or does that only apply to Joseline because you don’t like her?

  7. Some of y’all are being obtuse. Read the tweet again. Mama Jones did not say Mimi has no say in who can be around her child. What she said is that Mimi can’t throw stones and talk about Joseline as a person when she’s got her own dirt. She’s absolutely right.

  8. And the same people who are saying Joseline is such this terrible person have no issue with Tommie – the same woman who has threatened to kill two people on the show as well as an innocent dog. She actually did try to run Joseline over with her car but people loved that. The audience at the reunion even laughed when KK said Tommie said she was going to cut her dog into pieces. But they want to gasp at what Joseline does. People and their sometimey morals. Just say you don’t like Joseline and be done with it. ?

    1. People were actually on the blogs praise dancing when it came out that Tommie tried to run Joseline over with her car while Joseline was pregnant. That’s why I’m not taking this molestation story seriously. Joseline didn’t even start the story but it’s the only thing they have to drag her. The same people mad didn’t give a damn when this woman’s life was threatened. They don’t like Joseline and they pretend to be all holy and full of morals when they don’t really care what is done until Joseline is the one doing it. Truth is, no one who really cares about morals is watching LHHATL any damn way. And that’s the truth. Time to the cut the sh-t.

      1. Didnt Joseline call the police on her LA but swear up and down she’s gangsta lol. Tommie should have ran over her. Just get over it you Stan for a drug addict, pole poppin, non talent ho3..just be glad she got her 15 mins because if it wasn’t for Stevie she would still be in Lil Haiti suckin off Zoe Pound Members.. gtfoh..

  9. Mama Jones said nothing about Mimi not having a right in who can be around Eva. I’m not sure why some of you are responding to something she never said.

    1. Because they need to deflect. Like I said, none of them gave a damn about Tommie nearly killing Joseline while she was pregnant.

  10. When they hang on to this Eva thing for dear life while excusing everything else that’s just as messed up…ch whatever.

  11. lmao you know people hate joseline when they start taking up for mimi out of all people. mimi is not some saint. a lot of the stuff she slams joseline about she’s been accused of doing too. i haven’t forgotten a thing. but i will just be respectful today lmao.

  12. The real hypocrisy is everyone ragging on Joseline for allegedly being on cocaine when she passed her drug test and Stevie is the one who has failed twice. Why is no one calling him out for his addiction? Why is Mimi so quiet about that when Stevie is actually Eva’s father? So she’s ok with a drug addict who refuses to pay child support and has questionable dating habits being around Eva? I see right through Mimi.

  13. I think her point was Mimi isn’t all that either and I agree. I know it’s bash Joseline season but that isn’t about to make me all of a sudden start taking Mimi seriously.

  14. Mama Jones is right. If you’ve made a s-x tape to secure a story line you aren’t in any position to be talking about anyone. Mimi can have a stadium of seats.

  15. Both Mimi and Joseline have issues and need therapy. I can’t see how anyone can deny that. You can’t call one out without calling out the other.

  16. I dont care how many s-x tapes she made. The woman accused Stevie of touching his daughter and had child services all through her house. Her stupid s-x tape has nothing to do with that.
    Mama Jones is entitled to her opinion but she doesny get to tell someone who should be around their child

  17. Can someone tell me where in that tweet did Mama Jones say Mimi couldn’t say who can and cannot be around her daughter? It’s like people are seeing what they want to just to avoid the whole point of the tweet because they know they can’t dispute her real point. Weird.

  18. Good Lord Joseline is so polarizing. People are so passionate on both sides of the argument. The show definitely will not be the same without her.

  19. What does that have to do with the fact Joseline made false allegations that Stevie was touching Eva B-tch you cant be around my child I would have beat her the f-ck up

  20. Her tweet HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ALLEGATIONS OR MIMI NOT WANTING EVA AROUND JOSELINE. Goodness. How can people not understand a simple tweet?

  21. And I agree with the person who said Joseline’s haters are going to hold on to this Eva thing for dear life and not say SH-T about the all the other foul sh-t people have done on the show. So damn fake.

  22. Did I read your comment right? Did you say Tommie should have ran over Joseline and her unborn baby? I hope that’s not what you said.

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