Petition Calls For Sony to Drop R. Kelly + New Allegations Surface

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By: A.J. Niles

R Kelly has been dealing with new allegations surfacing that allege he’s been keeping young women in a cult-like atmosphere. These allegations were detailed in a recent, scathing Buzzfeed article which detailed R. Kelly allegedly housing these women in multiple homes, keeping them away from family and friends while living under strict rules.

These rules include asking for permission to eat and use the bathroom. Many of these women are over the age of consent in most states, 17 in Illinois and 16 in Georgia, therefore there isn’t much that can be done legally.

However, this isn’t stopping those looking for retribution. This includes a petition going after R. Kelly’s endorsement deals.

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  1. He calls himself the Pied Piper which is heavily implied to be a story of a p3dophile. What more do you need? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and there have been too many allegations concerning Robert Kelly.

  2. R Kelly has been a monster for years and that won’t change because there will still be fools to support him.

  3. Sony won’t drop him because the victims are primarily black women and we know how that goes. Black people as a whole don’t seem to care about black women being abused. Especially if a black man is the one doing it. And I said what I said.

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