Being Mary Jane Recap: Justin Demolishes Kara + Kara Finds out About MJ & Justin

Justin wants to keep things on the low for the time being.

Mary Jane asks Justin what they have, and he tells her that what they have must stay on the low for now so they won’t “shake things up at work.”

He also says they must have each other’s backs at work and be a united front. She agrees.

“Mary Jane?” – Justin

“Yeah?” – MJ

“To answer your question, about what this is, this is you and me, you and me, only. Go all night, and work our a*ses off during the day, dominating this news thing until you’re the top news anchor in morning television and I’m your senior producer.” – Justin

He eventually says she is his girl and this makes Mary Jane happy.

“I still think we need a label.” – MJ

“You really want me to say it?” – Justin

“You know you want to. “ – MJ

“You’re my girl.” – Justin

At work, they learn MJ will be interviewing right wing internet star, Dani Hollins. MJ is not happy about the news. They also find out Natalie has been fired. She wasn’t testing well. Garrett tells Justin and MJ to come up with Natalie’s replacement.

They discuss some potential candidates, and Justin tells MJ that their choice can’t be “ethnic” because in a Trump era, the news is back to being whitewashed.

“I want to be better than Ronda. I want to actually mentor black talent.” – MJ

“Yeah, I’m sure she said the same thing when she started out. It’s the system, alright? It’s not you.” – Justin

MJ wants to hire Lindsay Finkel (a “woke” white girl), while Justin wants Brendon Bragg or Ken Botnam.

They can’t agree on the person and Garrett tells them he will interview Lindsay and Ken later in the week.

“Well, may the best white person win.” – MJ

Mary Jane finds out that her hair stylist’s husband left him.

They a surrogate lined up and his husband just up and left him, only leaving a letter behind.

His husband also served him with divorce papers.

MJ tells him she understands what he’s going though because of her breakup with Lee but she realized there were “better fish” in the sea.

Her hair stylist asks if the better fish is Justin.

“You can’t hide anything from an astute gay.” – hair stylist

He promises not tot tell anyone and MJ is relieved.

“It’s okay. Your tea is safe with me.” – hair stylist

MJ struggles to keep her relationship with Justin a secret from Kara.

Kara tells Orlando that she plans to have Lee and MJ over to prepare for her arbitration.

MJ wants to tell Kara the truth but Justin says she doesn’t have to tell the whole truth. He feels she should just tell Kara that she and Lee broke up but not that she’s now with Justin. They have s*x at work.

MJ goes to Kara’s place with fake tears and acts like the breakup with Lee is fresh.

When Kara asks her what happened with Lee, MJ says he got cold feet about having a baby. Essentially, she steals her hair stylist’s story.

Kara is surprised by the story because she doesn’t feel it fits Lee’s sensitive personality.

Niecy’s night out is a waste, as a guy she meets at the club offers to buy her a drink but ends up only wanting to pay half.

“So this is what you meant by buying me a drink?” – Niecy

“See, what I can do is just pay you back when we get back to my place.” – guy

“This is ridiculous” – Niecy

She pays for the drink herself and decides she wants to go home but her friend begs her to stay. Niecy stands firm and tells her she’s not dealing with guys like Dante anymore.

“You have fun. I’m tired of it. Bye Amika.” – Niecy

Kara catches on.

MJ says she has to leave Kara’s place because Angelina Jolie is coming to the studio with all of the kids, and she begins to see that MJ is not being honest about Lee.

As soon as MJ leaves, she tells Orlando that MJ is lying.

“She’s lying.” – Kara

MJ goes straight to Justin’s place after she leaves Kara’s place.

Helen gives Niecy a mission.

Helen is concerned about MJ.

“She looks so…happy.” – Helen

She tells Niecy to call MJ and find out what’s going on with her. She’s suspicious about her break up with Lee.

“If she stepped out on that nice British boy, it’s got to be for a good reason.” – Helen

Kara gets a major victory.

Kara is able to get arbitrator removed from her case against the studio. She was able to prove that he was bias and also s*xist.

After the victory, she asks MJ to go to lunch with her but MJ turns her down and says she has to finish up some stuff for a segment with Emma.

Kara tells her she understands and insults Justin in Spanish on her way out.

Garrett later tells Justin he has to testify against Kara at the arbitration.

“Do whatever it takes to make sure Kara Lynch loses.” – Garrett

Lee’s tweets contradict MJ’s story.

Orlando gets turned on by Kara’s legal victory because it reminds him that she’s an Alpha woman who likes to get things done. But she realizes Lee’s tweets counteract the story MJ told her about Lee breaking up with her.

In the tweets, Lee says he’s heartbroken by a breakup and needs ice cream to cope.

She realizes that Lee didn’t break up with Mary Jane.

While having a moment with Justin, Niecy calls but MJ but she says she’s too busy to talk.

Kara comes up with a plan.

Kara then calls up MJ and says she wants to have a girl’s night out and she’s on her way. Turns out, Kara is taking MJ to one of Lee’s shows and she wants to heckle him for doing MJ wrong.

MJ panics and tells Kara they can’t do that.

MJ finally comes clean and tells Kara that she broke up with Lee.

“I broke up with Lee because I’m out of his league. I’m lead anchor and I want someone who matches my hustle. I want a man who’s going to ride to the top with me.” – MJ

Kara tells MJ that MJ has been waiting for someone like Lee for ten years.

MJ disagrees and says that she needs someone who matches her career wise. She has faith that the right man will come.

“Girl, you’re 40 years old and he hasn’t shown up yet. And what? So now, he’s just right around the corner?” – Kara

“Maybe.” – MJ

Kara thinks what MJ is saying is BS and tells the cab driver to take them back to MJ’s place.

Justin demolishes Kara.

At the hearing, Justin says Kara is a great producer but she didn’t throughly fact check Ronda’s story. He says it’s a fireable offense since she’s done it exceptionally in the past.

He says Kara dropped the ball, and should have done her job.

This angers Kara and she tells goes all the way off on him when they walk out. He throws some jabs too.

“I was just doing my job.” – Justin

“Your job is to produce the news, a*shole. Not drag my name through the mud and embarrass me.” – Kara

Kara then tells Justin that he only cares about himself and will destroy anyone if it means he will keep climbing up the ladder. She asks him if MJ will be his next victim.

“If you spent less time playing the victim, maybe you’d be in a better position right now!” – Justin

Niecy goes through potential dates through her dating app, but doesn’t get excited until she changes her location preference to New York. She finds a potential.

Kara breaks down.

Kara meets MJ for drinks after her terrible hearing. She tells MJ that Justin was hard on her and tried to ruin her reputation.

She breaks down in tears.

“That devil, he tried to destroy me in my arbitration today.” – Kara

Later, MJ confronts Justin about it. She thinks it’s amazing how Justin isn’t trying to figure out how to do what’s right for Kara but he always manages to do right for himself.

Justin comes through., Niecy plots.

Justin tells Garrett that he thinks Kara is going to win the case because she has an advantage of being a woman. He suggests that they re-hire Kara and make her a senior producer. Kara accepts and she and MJ are elated about her return.

Niecy convinces Helen to buy her a plane ticket to New York so she can meet the guy she found on the dating app. She pretends she’s going to check on Mary Jane.

Garrett hires Dani, the Alt Right internet star she interviewed, to replace Natalie. MJ is not happy but plays it off.

MJ learns what Justin had to do to bring Kara back. He had to agree to share his senior producer title to do it but it won’t cost the studio a dime.

She’s happy things worked out and leans her head on his thigh in her office. Kara happens to catch this moment and she makes eye contact with MJ.

The secret is now out and Kara now knows about MJ and Justin. MJ looks mortified.


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