Amber Rose in Hot Water for Comments About People from Philly

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose is trending on Twitter and it’s not because she posted another nude photo of herself to social media.

This time, the self-proclaimed feminist is in some trouble because of the comments she made about being from Philly.

To sum it up, Amber said she’s blessed to be such a beauty because most people in Philly aren’t attractive.

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  1. Amber is overrated as f-ck. But this is what happens when simp n-ggas like Kanye put these basic b-tches on pedestals. They start believing the lies they are told.

  2. This is why she’s not a real feminist. Amber thinks women have nothing to offer men and society besides our body parts and pretty faces. She is the complete opposite of a feminist. She’s actually s-xist.

  3. All this bird ever talks about is p-ssy, d-ck and a-s. She pretends to be a feminist so people don’t catch that. Fraud a-s.

  4. I don’t understand why she even has fans. Now she’ll respond and say she was taken out of context. She loves being the victim.

  5. I’m not surprised her bald headed a-s would say this about where blacks make up the majority of the demographics.

  6. ^^^^
    Just to add, one day she’s going to slip up and say what she really feels. And that is she thinks she’s prettier than black women because she’s mixed.

  7. Plenty women in philly look better than you amber rose and they don,t have to play in their boyfriends a-s to be recognized and they can keep a man and not be a hoe. Every Tom d-ck and harry up her a-s

  8. I see her racist family rubbed off on her. I have seen her childhood photos, she was not beautiful back then. And she’s not bad now without Instagram filters and pounds of makeup.

  9. Amber got plastic surgery though. She’s not a natural beauty and frankly she doesn’t even look good with longer hair. She needs to chill out talking like she’s some once in a lifetime beauty.

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