EXCLUSIVE: Cristen Metoyer Talks Fallout with Sisters Aja & Melissa + BBW Regrets

Photo Credit: Cristen Metoyer

By: A.J. Niles

This season of “Basketball Wives” has been a crazy season full of drama. One of the cast members involved with the drama this season was Cristen Metoyer.

For those who don’t know, Cristen is sisters with Aja and Melissa Metoyer. In Aja’s brief time on the show, she accused Cristen of not really having the miscarriage. This definitely appeared to draw a bigger wedge between the sisters.

Cristen had some drama with Saniy’yah, another new “Basketball Wives” cast member. Things went left after Evelyn hired Saniy’yah to give Cristen a makeover.

We sat down with Cristen recently and asked her about her time on the show. We also asked her about that infamous makeover, her friendship with Jackie Christie, and Aja’s accusations. She also opened up about going to bat for her sisters Aja and Melissa, who were both upset that they didn’t get much screen time.

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  1. She still talks to Ev? They are probably going to bring her and Saniy’yah back next season. I just wish Brandi wasn’t fired.

  2. Cristen has had multiple opportunities to drag her sisters but she continues to take the high road. I respect that.

  3. I honestly hope one day all three of these sisters can make peace and stop all this fighting. Blood is thicker than water.

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