Jackie Christie Fires Back at Shaunie O’Neal on Twitter + New BBW Tea

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada’s feud continued to take center stage.

The group attended a yacht party put together by Mike Vick’s wife Kijafa Vick, and tensions were running high.

Jackie wanted to confront Evelyn, but Malaysia Pargo and Shaunie O’Neal talked her out of it. However, Jackie’s anger was then directed at Shaunie.

Now their fallout is spilling over onto social media.

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  1. I think Jackie needs to calm down and stop misdirecting her anger. Her issue is with Takari and no one else. She needs to make things right with her daughter.

  2. Jackie is a deadbeat mother. That is no one’s else’s fault. She is deflecting and it’s sick that anyone is defending her right now.

  3. Yeah it honestly seems like they are trying to push Jackie out. And I understand why because other people have been fired for much less. Jackie is going around here threatening to kill people and being a drunken lunatic. She needs therapy but she doesn’t seem to think she is the issue.

  4. Jackie ain’t sh-t and I hope they fire her a-s. She’s getting the karma her deadbeat a-s deserves.

  5. I am team Jackie, I think this whole issue with Jackie and her daughter should not be placed in the public. They need to address their issues privately. Evelyn went wayyy!! too far communicating with Jackie’s daughter. I don’t think it is a class move. That communication has made things worse and Shaunie should be neutral but she seems to be taking Evelyn side. Shaunie seems to be wanting certain people on her show i.e. eliminating Brandi, Jackie and Malaysia. I don’t thing the show will continue the high ratings if Jackie is not there. She has carried the she because says some craziness that makes the audience laugh.

    1. Evelyn didn’t bring the Takari situation to the show. Takari has even been on the show and they discussed this in therapy. So Jackie is the one who put this out in the public. People who have been watching the show since the beginning know this.

    2. Remember it was Jackie who brought up the conversation with Tami about she had a bone to pick with Evelyn because of the donation that Evelyn gave to Takari. Tami stirred it up too trying to say that Evelyn was trash talking Jackie but had no receipts. Of course Takari is going to keep tagging Evelyn because Jackie is acting like none of what Takari is saying is true and acting as if Takari has mental issues instead of just going over to make peace in private with her daughter. This Takari and Jackie issue has been on the show forever in tid bits. Jackie brought it to full flourish for a storyline. Well she got exactly what she bargained for a backfire. The girl wrote a book and you know what EVERYBODY wants a copy of that book. Because it lays out the foundation of who Jackie Christie really is.

    3. Evelyn is fine.But it’s ok for her to run to Tami,she wants all the other girls to turn on Evelyn.I don’t think so.Her crazy a-s needs to get off the show and take her friend Tami with her.

    4. I agree, I think any mother that has a strained relationship with her child would feel the way Jackie is feeling.

      1. If your relationship with your child is strained, it’s your job to fix it. Not blame other people for it!

    5. No one is laughing at Jackie this season. Threatening to stab Evelyn in the neck is not funny. Treating her daughter like trash is not funny. Having an alcohol problem is not funny. It’s a complete embarrassment to black women and the fact that you’re actually defending her is sad. It’s just like the R Kelly thing. Most of his defenders are black women. Too many of us like dysfunction and I don’t understand why that is. Lastly, Evelyn is not the one who brought this topic up on the show. Chantel did. Yep, her own daughter. Seasons ago. She told Laura Govan everything and Ta’Kari simply put it in a book. Google it and stop placing all the blame on Evelyn. Evelyn was not the only celebrity who donated. Jackie just wanted a storyline but she had no idea it would play out like this. Her bad.

      1. I agree.Jackie is a crazy moron,and I wish people would see takari brought their family business on the show not Evelyn.

  6. I think Shaunie, being a producer should not be on the show. It is getting to be a conflict between cast members and her. The show is beginning to look like the Shaunie show and not basketball wives. The people that remain in the show are those who are her personal friends especially Evelyn and Tami. Shaunie pretends to be neutral but she isn’t and this could affect the show in the future. She needs to be out! working in the background.

  7. Jackie DOES NOT make the show! Even being older she is messy, and needs help in more ways than one. When she first came on the show I somewhat liked her, but things quickly went left.

    After her second daughter confirmed how she treated her eldest, I was done.

  8. Jackie is not funny. She’s pathetic and should be fired for making death threats. She has never made the show for me and nor many others. Draya was BBWLA. And Tami had to come on the show to save the sinking ratings after Draya left. Then Evelyn came and ratings have broken records. This false narrative about Jackie making the show and driving ratings must stop. It’s delusional with no facts to be backed up.

    1. Shaunie, Evelyn, and Jennifer need to gooooo. What is Jennifer’s story line. She came back to to get that little apology from Evelyn and now she can go.

  9. I’m sorry but, Jackie has been in drama from day 1. This is nothing new. She’s fought and acted bipolar every season. In my opinion the only reason why they’re trying to drop her is bc the Miami women are back and they want that old vibe again.

  10. The Shaunie show will be canceled soon. No one will watch the show without Jackie. Evelyn is going around saying she’s changed but where are your vows? Oh that’s right Carl will never marry her. Yeah Jackie and TaKari have issues but that should be off the show just like how Shanice went to LA and was dragging garbage bags slanging her clothes

  11. I LOVE how the last name O’Neil sets the tone for all BBW conversations!!!! Lol I think we can see who the puppet master is…if your too young and cute or call the EP out on her messiness YOUR OUT! Be careful Hazel. There’s a old lady throwing around her ex husbands last name. Let’s not forget how the EP met the husband that allowed her success. Shaunie calm down and let the people speak. Jackie may be crazy, but she has a sane reason NOT to like Evelyn’s boring, man jumping a-s. God, I hope we don’t have to watch another episode of Evelyn’s wanna be victim a-s. Child Bye…why does it matter if Jackie has grandchildren and won’t carry them. Jackies daughter is a manipulator and needs to take care of her own children! Evelyn seems as though u could find another charity or go fund me to support. However what will be Evelyn’s story line if Jackie’s leaves….crickets…..Shaunie give Evelyn a production job and you role with her BEHIND the scenes with y’all boring a-ses. ? #mad@marriage #doug&jackiestillmarriedisfly #keepmalayshiatammyjackiebrandi and some new REAL BBW

  12. Jackie can go. They should bring back Draya because she’s the one who really made BBWLA. People didn’t start fake liking Jackie until Evelyn came back. I love how pressed she still makes people. People will defend someone as f-cked up as Jackie if it slights Evelyn in some way. Ah well.

  13. Umm Shaunie is the boss. She can fire and hire whoever the hell she wants and be on the show if she damn well pleases. There would be no BBW if it wasn’t for her. And in what universe can you go off on your boss and keep your job? It doesn’t work that way and the comments saying otherwise make no sense. No one is stopping Jackie from making her own show and being her own boss over there. But on BBW, she is an employee and she can be fired. Welcome to the real world.

  14. If Jackie islet go of then they can offically cancel BBW. She honestly has been the show for years. Whether you were laughing at her bad fashion or crazy antics it doesn’t matter. She has always been the center of attention. Think about it, Jackie was Evelyn’s storyline this season. I dont even like Jackie, but i had to realize how instrumental of a cast member she really is. If you took Jackie off this current season then what would have been the reason to watch? Producers couldn’t have felt what she was doing was too wrong because why EDIT into the show. If she’s threatening to kill people and you have such a problem with it then EDIT it out.

  15. I’m still waiting for proof that Jackie is BBW and has been for years. So far, ratings have shown that Evelyn was BBW Miami, so much so the show was cancelled when she left. Ratings have also shown that Draya was BBWLA and when she left, Vh1 was forced to bring back the Miami people. If Jackie was such a big draw, no one from Miami would be back on the show. And ratings have hit historic levels THIS season because the Miami girls are running the show. I’m just waiting for Royce to return. She was my favorite. BBWLA has never gotten the kind ratings the Miami girls got until this season. It’s not a coincidence why it’s happening now. There is way too much altered history with you young BBW fans. Yall swore up and down Takari was lying because yall had no idea Chantel already spilled the tea on Jackie years ago. Now yall are trying to deflect again and say Jackie makes the show but the numbers have never backed that up. And Jackie is not Evelyn’s storyline. Jackie made Evelyn HER storyline by making a big deal out of something she didn’t give a damn about until the cameras started rolling. And the only reason Vh1 didn’t edit out Jackie threatening to kill Evelyn is because they are pushing her out the show. It’s the same reason Joseline got the edit she did. Go ahead and quit watching. I’m sure the ratings will be just fine because most of us watched in spite of Jackie, not because of her. Yall ain’t start this whole Jackie makes this show crap until Evelyn came back and said what needed to be said. Yall hate Evleyn but unlike Jackie, there are recipts for Evelyn’s impact and importance to the show. There’s none for Jackie. Jackie sucks.


  16. Jackie is way off base she is mad at everlyn cause she helped her daughter when a go fund me account was set up asking for help for a sick burned child I’m sure a lot of people give help for serious situations and Tami is a sneaky a** because she planted the ideal to dumba** jackie the Everlyn has some twisted reason for helping (god wants us to help if we are able to)Tami never really accepted Everlyn apology she is shadey Tami also went off (like a crazy person) when Duffy didn’t even say anything about her daughter but jackie can actually call this women child a whore (she said it herself it was not on the Internet )Tami and Jackie are two peas on a pod they should be best friends for life Everlyn has changed but big bad a** jackie super bad a** tami are trying to bring out the worst in her everlyn don’t let those two bring you to there level and believe Tami does not like you she never did

  17. No one is above the law. That incluees Jackie Christie. If anything should ever happen to Evelyn, the cops will be looking at Jackie due to her makeing public threats against Evelyn’s life. It’s time for Jackie to leave the show. Jackie has showed to many times that she is willing to stoop to any kind of low level to remain on the show. The time has come for Jackie Christie walk of shame and be sent home. Bye, bye Jackie.

  18. No one is above the law. That includes Jackie Christie. If anything should ever happen to Evelyn, the cops will be looking at Jackie due to her makeing public threats against Evelyn’s life. It’s time for Jackie to leave the show. Jackie has showed to many times that she is willing to stoop to any kind of low level to remain on the show. The time has come for Jackie Christie walk of shame and be sent home. Bye, bye Jackie.

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