‘Insecure’ Actress Dominique Perry Says Tasha is Not a Homewrecker

“Insecure” actress Dominique Perry sat down with Essence for an interview recently. During this interview, Dominique spoke about getting hate mail and angry DM’s from fans of the show.

They feel Dominque’s character Tasha is a home-wrecker.

Essence writes:

Consider this a PSA when talking about Dominique Perry, who convincingly plays Tasha, Lawrence’s (Jay Ellis) new flame. Perry plays the role so well, fans have confused her acting for real life.

“She’s such a love/hate character,” Perry told ESSENCE. “I get so much hate mail. I’ve even had a girl be like, ‘Oh, my God, you know I want to fight you, right?'”

Perry, who hails from Houston and has been acting since the age of seven, has been called every derogatory name in the book with “bank teller” attached to the end. Despite the flack she takes from playing Lawrence’s new love interest, Perry understands the perspective so many women have.

“For a lot of women, she [Tasha] represents that side chick or that other woman that ruined a happy home. [But] I really don’t feel like Tasha is like that at all. She’s just caught in the middle of Issa and Lawrence’s situation. I feel like she’s just innocent in it all, to be honest. I think she just sees good in him and she just wants to instill some knowledge in him and some self esteem and some confidence to let him know, ‘This is just a phase you’re going through in life and it will be great. And I would love to walk that walk with you, if you’ll have me.'”

Adding, “I don’t think that she was scheming or trying to get him like she has a back story or some kind of alternative motive. She’s just going with the flow. What’s wrong with that?”

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  1. This doesn’t surprise me. How is she the home wrecker when Issa cheated? Yes she was acting thirsty and doing the most before they hooked up, but Lawrence never bit the line until things went South with Issa.

  2. Well she’s not a home wrecker since Lawrence never cheated. I read somewhere else that we would learn a lot more about Tasha this season and I’m interested because she’s been very one dimensional so far.

  3. Some fans are so delusional she is not a homewrecker. I definitely agree with her she really just caught in Lawrence drama. I just said on the other insecure post she probably going to get hurt because Lawrence just going through the motions he don’t know if he wants Issa back or to be single but he not ready to be in another serious relationship.

  4. I think Tasha can’t be called a home wrecker because she didn’t ruin the relationship. Issa is the one who cheated and handled her problems with Lawrence completely wrong.

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