2 New Women and 1 Man Pile on Accusations Against Usher

Photo Credit: Instagram

By” A.J. Niles

The seat just keeps getting hotter for R&B Singer Usher.

More accusers are coming forward saying Usher exposed them to the gift that keeps on giving, however, women aren’t just the only ones involved.

If you remember, a few weeks ago, it was revealed Usher was sued back in 2012 for exposing a woman to the gift that keeps on giving.. The woman and Usher settled the lawsuit, with Usher paying out millions.

After that, a second woman came forward saying she was exposed to the gift that keeps on giving by Usher. This person contacted prominent attorney Lisa Bloom. It’s been reported that she’s looking for up to $20 Million for damages in the lawsuit.

Now 3 more people are coming forward and a man is among them.

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  1. Lisa Bloom is a bottom-feeding, ambulance chaser just like her mother, I see.

    Anyhoo, Usher better start praying they don’t have legit cases or his a-s is done….literally. His rep in the industry will be destroyed.

  2. Well they did say he was bi back in the day. I know Grace said she wasn’t going anywhere but she may want to rethink that now.

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