Man Takes to Twitter to Spill Tea on Usher

Once news broke yesterday via TMZ that two women and one man will be filing suit against Usher next week, someone who allegedly had a chance to get close to him made some interesting accusations.

This person claims they used to work at a restaurant Usher owned in Atlanta. It was at this time, this gentleman allegedly saw Usher engage romantically with men.

As the story progressed on Twitter, other followers mentioned that a major Hip Hop Mogul may have allegedly shown Usher this lifestyle.

Of course this is purely a speculative story from the person on Twitter. This story has not been validated and we cannot confirm the accuracy of the accusations.

Check out the tweets below.

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  1. If Usher wasn’t such a thot he wouldn’t be having these problems. But since he’s a man, a lot of people are still going to defend him.

  2. The rumors about Usher and Diddy are very old. So no one should be surprised about any of these lawsuits. Even the one from a man.

  3. I just think Usher is getting his karma. Sometimes it takes a long time but it always shows up eventually.

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