The Interview Shaunie O’Neal Did About Jackie Christie & Ta’Kari Lee Resurfaces

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Basketball Wives” is full of drama.

Jackie Christie has been dealing with lots of backlash as she feuds with Evelyn Lozada over her estranged daughter Ta’Kari Lee.

Now Jackie’s drama with Ta’Kari has spilled over into a fallout with Shaunie O’Neal.

Jackie is furious with Shaunie for discussing her troubled relationship with Ta’Kari in an interview, but Shaunie feels like she did not cross the line with her responses.

The interview in question has resurfaced.

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  1. So this is what Jackie is mad about? Shaunie didn’t say anything disrespectful. She just wants to play victim this season.

  2. Shaunie answered the questions truthfully. Jackie is deflecting. She wants everyone else to be the bad guy when the truth is this is about her and how she willingly treated one of her children. This ain’t Evelyn’s fault. This ain’t Shaunie’s fault. This is all Jackie’s fault.

  3. I don’t see where she slandered or was disrespectful towards her and she actually spoke highly of her to some degree. At the same time she told no lies, Jackie is delusional.

  4. I thought this interview was going to be all shady and scandalous the way Jackie has been going on and on about it but it was not messy at all. I think Jackie is just trying to distract from the Takari situation so the viewers will forget that she’s a deadbeat mother.

  5. I don’t even care for Shaunie but I see nothing wrong in what she said. Jackie just mad because she getting exposed for the horrible mother and human being she really is. And something is wrong with Doug too I always knew he was crazy for being with Jackie but I’m even more convinced now smh.

  6. I would believe the interview is genuine however in the talking head and in EVERY scene with Evelyn she’s shading or sneak dissing Jackie or laughing at her. If she didn’t want to speak on it she should have said I dunno just the same way she did Shaq and Hoopz relationship

  7. Jackie is full of sh-t. Shaunie didn’t say anything messy. At some point she is going to have to admit she f-cked up as a mother and try to repair the relationship.

  8. All these old Golden Girls women have skeletons in their closet. I’m sure if someone wrote a book about their lives, every last one of them would be embarrassed about what comes out. Jackie is not perfect, but neither one of them are. Shaunie should have just said no comment. For someone who didn’t want to comment on the situation, she sure had a lot to say.

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