Watch: Jackie Christie and Tami Roman Tag Team Evelyn Lozada at the Reunion

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Basketball Wives” has been a very controversial one.

The biggest topic of discussion has been Jackie Christie’s troubled relationship with her daughter Ta’Kari Lee.

So it’s no surprise that it’s going to be one of the most discussed situations at the reunion.

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  1. This is why I need Tami to stop lying and saying she isn’t picking sides and she’s minding her business. She picked Jackie’s side and she has never minded her business. Especially not this season. Stirring the pot definitely ain’t minding your business.

    1. I’ll piggy back on this comment. Tami is the one who started the lie that Evelyn left a negative comment on the site but could not find the comment that was so negative. Jackie is the one who started this day 1 when Evelyn came on the show.

  2. Why would Jackie know his birthday? She’s never even met him before and acted like she just became a grandmother for the first time when Chantel had her baby. She’s trash.

    1. Jackie isn’t trash. Her daughter should take some blame for the mess she is creating. It looks like she is trying to get a story line just like Ms. Evelyn.

  3. I’ve lost all respect for Tami. She was sitting there looking dumb when Jackie said she doesn’t know her grandson’s birthday but had so much to say about Evelyn’s donation. She’s still mad Evelyn f-cked her hoe a-s husband.

    1. Evelyn is the f**king whore no one else. Evelyn is still messy Betsy and Jen better watch her back. Evelyn will never disagree with Shaunie because her money is coming from her. She needs to go back home and be a mother to her son before he forget who she is or before some young chick starts looking after her fiance. Go get married Evelyn or has he asked her to marry him. Damn Evelyn needs to go home and be a mother.

  4. Jackie, Tami and Malaysia are all pressed because Shaunie brought Evelyn back and they are no longer the attention grabbers. This is why they have been trying to claim the crown. Malaysia; I’m the queen. Jackie; I’m the queen why you come on my show. Tami; let’s see if she has changed so I’ll keep bringing up old sh-t about my ex-husband so I can have an excuse not to like her still.

  5. Jackie should be embarrassed. If Evelyn didn’t have so many haters, Jackie wouldn’t have any defenders right now.

  6. this is something that Jackie and her daughter need to work out privately Evelyn been overstepping her boundaries with this Takari thing and if you give a donation who ask for the money back?????

  7. I’m not sure why Jackie’s supporters are saying Evelyn needs to mind her business and allow Jackie to work on her relationship in private when Jackie didn’t do that for Draya. During season two, Jackie went digging for information on Draya and put her on blast in front of everyone about the CPS situation regarding her son. So what’s the issue now? Is it just a problem because y’all don’t like Evelyn? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And Evelyn was being sarcastic when she asked for the money back. Her point was since Jackie said Ta’Kari didn’t need the money and she takes care if her, then return the money. Ev wasn’t serious.

  8. Jackie should be thanking Evelyn,and Tami is a very big disappointment.if Jackie isn’t fired,I’m so done with watching this show.ive never seen anything like it you can threaten to kill people,have an issue with people all the time,be bad sh*****t crazy,your still on really?

    1. Jackie should not be fired but Evelyn should get fired. She is so verrrrry messy. Is it that she needs the money is why she is back on the show. I know it is because her rag tag sh*t got canceled.

  9. Ev is a threat to them for some reason, I don’t see why all of them are jerks in their own right at times. Tami acts like she needs a storyline herself, she is too funny her fakeness shines right on thru. Malaysia go sit on Jackie cause you’re boring me this trip. Jackie handle your business and then nobody else would have to. It’s just hard to believe Takari set up a go fund me page instead of calling her mother (if she can call her mom)

  10. I think people need to remember this is a reality show. People get paid to overstep boundaries and be in each other’s business. If that’s now an issue for Jackie, she should leave the show.

    1. Ok so why isn’t Shaunie putting some of her sh*t out there. She is the biggest mess of them all. She is messy Betsy number one. My damn this woman is so messy, she stirs up sh*t and stands back and watch every body go at each other. She needs to leave her own show Fired

  11. Tami should have donated also, heck all of them should have! The matter of donating is not about Jackies daughter it’s about her grandson! This child got seriously injured Evelyn donated, a lot of people did hell I even donated while his grandmother sits on tv making good money and complains about people being in her business sdfu and donate one of your checks to your grand child not daughter but your
    G..R..A..N..D. C..H. I. L. D!!

  12. Evelyn needs to be worried why her and Carl aren’t getting married and why her daughter was selling clothes and ? On Lacieniaga and Sunset Blvd. bloop

  13. And Jackies daughter needs to focus on her kids, she makes a gofundme but is pregnant again? I’d be damn if I worry about my relationship with my parents when I’m a single mother with four kids..on welfare with a no job

  14. I see Jackie has arrived in these comments. She should at least change up the way she types so she won’t be so obvious.

  15. I feel that Jackie’s daughter needs to stop having all of these babies and get a job. Evelyn needs to get married if Carl wants to marry her. She needs to go home and be with her family and stop trying to be a reality show wh**e. Is she broke and need the money. She is too old to be in so much mess and Shaunie needs to watch her back. Evelyn is faux as all Faux sh*t. She stays in Shaunie’s good grace to get a pay check. What a shame. Evelyn is making sure she has a story line to stay on the show.

  16. Oh please the birthday thing proved nothing. My grandmother didn’t know all her grandkids birthdays off the top of her head but it didn’t mean that she didn’t love us. Heck my own mother used to get mixed up about our birthdays but we always knew she would have laid down her life for us. There is a saying that there are always three sides to every tale with the truth being somewhere in the middle. Takari might very well have valid reasons for feeling the way that she does about her mother but the fact that the light skinned daughter Chantel also beefed about Jackie in that therapy session made it clear that Jackie neglected all her kids when she chose to chase around behind Doug and not just Takari. I also feel that it is beyond time that Takari simply moved on with her life and concentrated on the family that she has now instead of focussing on the past. Writing this book is only going to add salt to old wounds and further distance her from her mother.

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