Jackie Christie Responds to Ta’Kari Lee’s Claims

Photo Credit: VH1

By: A.J. Niles

“Basketball Wives” star Jackie Christie appears to be through with all of the criticisms that surround her, due to the impending release of her daughter Ta’Kari Lee’s tell-all book.

Ta’Kari’s book, “Light to Her Shadow,” will be released at the end of August, and has been a very polarizing topic on this season of BBW. As fans of the show know, this topic drove a very large wedge between Jackie and Evelyn Lozada. And on the season finale, Evelyn gave copies of the book to multiple cast members.

Evelyn and Jackie’s relationship became seriously strained because Evelyn donated to a Go Fund Me campaign for Jackie’s grandson, who was seriously burned in a daycare incident.

As a result of her antics on the show this season, fans of BBW have been calling for Jackie to be fired on social media.

Well, Jackie is fed up of being called out about it and recently decided to try to clear her name in the court of public opinion.

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  1. We all know Jackie is bad sh**********t crazy,she really doesn’t fit in on the show,where has her husband been through all this,she’s crazy,a habitual liar,and WTF is up with that hair style of hers.

  2. There’s no excuse for not knowing her grandson’s birthday. A grandmother’s job is to spoil her grandkids. How can you spoil them when you don’t know them?

  3. So the text messages Jackie posted were supposed to help her case and actually show Takari was lying? *blank stare*

  4. What exactly were these texts suppose to prove? So one text message suppose to prove Takari is lying about everything. She still looks like a sh-tty a-s mother and grandmother.Since she claims she has been wrongly accused address the other claims Takari and Chantel made and she still hasn’t addressed why she didn’t help her daughter out when her grandson got burned. I’ll wait….

  5. So Jackie says that Takari has mental issues and lies but Chantel is perfectly fine being that she made the same exact claims regarding Jackie’s treatment of Takari.

  6. I’m not sure what these text messages were supposed to fix. Jackie looks bad either way because she wasn’t there when her grandson needed her. There really is no way to defend that.

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