Do You Agree? Christina Milian Supports Interesting Comment About Usher’s Situation

Many can agree that Usher’s situation has become a circus in the media.

Multiple people have filed lawsuits against him, but one of the women who filed a suit was ridiculed on social media, even by celebrities, when they saw what she looked like.

The response to Usher and his accusers by loyal fans and other celebrities has made some question if the situation is just proof that double standards are still a problem in society.

In fact, Christina Milian’s dating life has become a topic on the blogs as of late, with some even accusing her of appearing “slutty” for being spotted with multiple guys in a short timeframe:

#christinamilian spotted with #FrenchSinger#mattpokora .. I love Christina, but can she rest her kitty ?….? #CelebrityXO

A post shared by (New Account) … CelebrityXO (@theofficialcelebrityxo___) on

Christina got word of the aforementioned Instagram post and liked the following comment:


I discussed this situation with someone close to me.  We both pondered if Usher would have garnered the same support if he was a black woman.

I mean there’s been literally multiple famous black men who have taken to social media to defend Usher.

However, these same defenders have been really harsh on famous women. For example, comedian Lil Duval has bashed Amber Rose and her slut walk supporters quite a bit in the past. He even claimed that the walk puts promiscuous women on a pedestal. However, he doesn’t seem to have an issue with the fact that Usher allegedly cheated on Tameka (and allegedly Grace as well) or the fact that he allegedly spread a major disease.

For example, Christina Milian has been labeled as “thotty” for dating multiple guys, but I haven’t seen many even call Usher out for allegedly cheating on not only Tameka but his current wife, Grace. In fact, his cheating has been glossed over by most.

Usher has instead been getting defended by men and women alike, and I can’t recall people accusing him of being “slutty” either.

So what do you think? Do you think that folks like the commentator Christina agreed with have a point? Would Usher have garnered as much support as he has if he was a black woman?

Leave your thoughts below.

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  1. They forgot to add that Usher is attractive. So that means women AND men will defend him because people love to cape for attractive people.

  2. What I don’t understand is why so many people don’t believe the girl simply because of her weight. Men will literally f-ck anything with a pulse given the opportunity. If they would f-ck any ugly girl, they’d f-ck a fat girl too. Usher isn’t exempt. I’m not sure if they did screw or not but it’s not that hard to believe if they did.

  3. The reactions to the Usher situation haven’t surprised me at all. Misogyny is a big issue in the black community.

  4. Sh-t I’ve been saying the same thing by damn self. Usher should have gotten dragged for being a THOT all these years and knowingly passing on a disease motherf-ckers can’t get rid of. But instead, you got all these people defending his hoe a-s. I don’t get it.

  5. Since when did being in the same club and taking a picture mean dating?? So when she was dumb for being with Wayne she was dragged now that she’s accepting the single life she’s a whore. Umm ok

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