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‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion Recap: Evelyn and Jackie Clash, Jennifer Checks Jackie

Marc Lamont Hill is the host for this season’s reunion. On one side, you have Tami Roman, Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada. On the other side, you have Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo. Cristen Metoyer, Jennifer Williams, Hazel Renee and Saniy’yah Samaa sat on a sofa in front of the audience.

Tami and Evelyn’s evolving friendship is recapped first. 

The first topic they talk about is Evelyn’s return to the show. They highlight how Evelyn and Tami interacted when she first returned. They highlighted their sit-down and how they became cordial.

Tami says their initial interaction was too much for her. She wanted a conversation first before they got friendly.

Evelyn did admit that she did sleep with Tami’s husband while they were technically married.

“Technically, yes, he was married.” – Evelyn

However, Evelyn still defends sleeping with Tami’s estranged husband, claiming he was not with Tami at the time. Shaunie says she struggled staying neutral between Evelyn and Shaunie.

Marc asks if they are friends, Evelyn says yes after a long pause. Tami responds that there are ups and downs between them.

Evelyn’s donation to Ta’Kari is brought up next, as a fuse for Jackie’s beef with Evelyn. 

Then they recap Evelyn’s beef with Jackie Christie. They discuss Jackie getting angry with Evelyn for donating to Ta’Kari’s Go Fund Me campaign and how things went down from there.

Marc asks Jackie how Jackson, her grandson, is doing and she says he is okay. She admits she doesn’t know when Jackson’s birthday is.

Hazel tells Jennifer that she would kill her mom if she didn’t know her son’s birthday. Jenn says she even knows her dog’s birthday.

Marc then brings Tami into the conversation after Jackie says that Evelyn donated to the campaign when rumors were floating around about her return. Both Tami and Jackie felt that Evelyn only donated to keep herself relevant. Jackie brings up Evelyn’s show on OWN that was cancelled.

Shaunie jumps in and says that she would’ve been on the first plane to Seattle to be with her grandkid, if she was dealing with this situation.

Shaunie confirms that Brandi was fired.

Marc eventually moves the conversation about why a division occurred between the Miami OG’s and the LA cast. This specifically came up because Malaysia brought Brandi to the dinner in Palm Springs. They recap the walkout at the dinner and the argument at Saniy’yah’s party.

Shaunie does elude that Brandi was fired. Marc said that Brandi was invited to the reunion, but turned down the invitation.

Malaysia did also confront Shaunie about saying she does not have any substance. Shaunie says they’ve never talked about anything with substance, and she doesn’t know who Malaysia really is.

“I personally… I’ve been around Malaysia for a few years now. We have never really had a conversation that was of any substance. If somebody ever asked me, like, you know, ‘What’s Malaysia about?’…I can’t answer that question.” – Shaunie

Malaysia says Shaunie was wrong for saying that and feeling that way. Malaysia feels she isn’t a shallow person, and is full of depth, like Shaunie.

“I think you have substance. You went to college, you graduated from high school.” – Malaysia

Saniy’yah confronts Cristen about the miscarriage.

Next, Marc brings up the recap about all the personal things the cast talked about. They first hit up Evelyn’s miscarriage. When they touch on Cristen’s miscarriage, they recap how she was confronted about that possibly not being true.

Cristen brings up how she found out Joe Crawford cheated. She wasn’t sure she wanted to keep the baby. However, they couldn’t find a heartbeat at the doctor’s office.

Saniy’yah confronts Cristen about it, and she tells her she will give her $20,000 if she can produce records confirming the miscarriage.

Marc says that Aja said she didn’t mean to say that Cristen lied about her miscarriage and saying such was a blooper.

Aja was not invited to the reunion. Cristen says she and Aja do not currently have a relationship.

They turned the topic back to Jackie’s clash with Bonnie Jill.

Marc recap Jackie’s confrontation of Bonnie-Jill. Jackie said she couldn’t control how she reacted at the moment. Evelyn says she would never, in a million years want to be a “Sister-Wife” to Doug and Jackie.

“Doug is too light for me.” – Evelyn

Jackie stands behind what she said and Evelyn stood behind Jackie being a liar. Bonnie-Jill says she felt Jackie was going to hit her when they had a confrontation. Jackie claims she had no intention to get violent at the time.

Evelyn’s clash with Jackie is recapped.

Next, they turned to the confrontation Evelyn had with Jackie. They show the footage of everything that led to the fight. Evelyn is in tears about how everything played out. Jackie accuses Evelyn of fake crying.. A shouting match ensues, with Jackie saying Evelyn tried to buy into her family.

“You wanted to come over here and buy into my family. But the s*** didn’t work.” – Jackie

Shaunie still isn’t here for Jackie.

They finally recapped the finale trip to Miami, and had Kijafa and Jeniva on the stage, talking about their show, “Baller Wives.”

When they turn to the highlights of the trip, Jackie and Shaunie reveal they did not resolve their issues. Shaunie avoided questions about Jackie returning for the next season, or not.

Evelyn reiterated that Jackie was a bad parent seasons ago. Jackie wants Evelyn to apologize to Ta’Kari for getting involved.

“Everytime she comes for my daughter, I’ll come back at her with a mother*****ng vengeance.” – Jackie

They turn to the book and Evelyn said Ta’Kari sent it to her because she really wanted her voice heard. Jennifer admits that she wanted to read the book to be messy but it later impacted her emotionally and she’s sympathetic to Ta’Kari. Jackie then comes for Jennifer for not being a mother.

“She has a dog that’s her child.” – Jackie

Jackie then starts talking over Jenn saying BBW is her show, and Jennifer swiftly reminds her that there would be no LA spinoff if it wasn’t for the Miami group. Jackie gets quiet.

Shaunie admits she is done talking about Jackie and her issues with her daughter.

“I’m checked out of this.” – Shaunie

She also can’t confirm where her friendship with Jackie stands.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.



  1. Anonymous

    August 15, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    Terrible season. I’m over Jackie.

  2. Anonymous

    August 16, 2017 at 10:22 am

    what the hell shaunie and jackie got on tf

  3. Jordan's Memory

    August 16, 2017 at 11:01 am

    Jackie makes me sick and she is going to ruin the show! They need to get rid of her and Malaysia because they bring NOTHING to the show. And I still see Shaunie acting like she fired Brandi when Brandi already went on the blogs and said she quit. Smdh

  4. Rachel

    August 16, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m glad the season is over. This was exhausting llh.

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