Lovely Mimi Responds to Being Called out for Silence on Charlottesville Chaos

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Race relations in America have been a really heated topic now that Donald Trump’s presidency has given new life to White Supremacists and Neo Nazis.

Days ago, three people were killed at White Supremacists Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And Trump’s statements on the situation backed the Alt Right aka White Supremacists as they continue to play victim now that statutes across the country that honor the Confederacy are being removed in multiple states.

Tensions are high, and people of color and their supporters have expressed outrage on social media.

However, some have taken to social media to point out that some prominent women who have black husbands have been silent on the issues.

Lovely Mimi of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” has also been targeted, with a meme that’s been circulating on social media questioning why she and others like her have been quiet.

Well she took to Instagram hours ago to clap back at the meme’s creator.

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  1. I hire blacks… I hire latinas… rolls eyes… Bish bye. She sound exactly what she represents… wanna be black until its time to be black. Her husband is the idiot… like the rest of the coons marrying non blacks and don’t even question their support but will cut the black women down at the knee for simple ish.

  2. Once again I’n wondering why people expect these people to stand up and say something. They don’t represent me or anyone I know so there absolutely nothing I would like to hear her say.

  3. “I opened up a nail salon. I hire all types of people. All types of minorities. Black women work for me. Spanish women work for me. I gave back to my hood. Gave school supplies back to my hood. I’m giving back. I don’t have to sit back and explain f-cking sh-t” The irony in this LMAO! She’s a joke!

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