Shaunie O’Neal Shades Jackie Christie

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Now that the latest season of “Basketball Wives” has wrapped up, you would think the cast would be done taking shots on social media.

However, after such an explosive season that has left some friendships in an uncertain place, it’s no surprise that Shaunie O’Neal and Jackie Christie just aren’t done being shady.

In fact, Jackie isn’t the only one who recently threw an entire palm tree.

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  1. Ha I’m saying though. Those of us who have been watching since season one know Jackie is not tough and got her a-s whooped by Brooke.

  2. I think a lot of people weren’t watching back then so they think Jackie is big and bad when she’s really a poser.

  3. I just looked at that episode the other day, and said I wish they would bring Brooke back to handle Jackie. Jackie talks crap all the time, when she tried it with Brooke that was the right day, but wrong lady to mess with.
    I also wish they would bringS’niyah on full time and let and Tammie go at it. Tammie is such a bully I think S’niyah could certainly be a match for Tammie.

  4. Been a fan of the show since day one Jackie didn’t use to have all this mouth she was more peace & harmony. Till like you said, she met her match. I think the show has gone to her head after all Shaunie can’t fire her she says. I’m just over her and Tammi. Not a fan of Evelyn but, this new her maybe and she has changed maybe she didn’t wanna meet a Brooke. Whichever, Jackie is a joke and i’m sick of her, the best way to put her in her place is to knock her out of the one she thinks she made….

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