Eniko Hart Takes Shots at Kevin Hart’s Ex Wife Torrei + Torrei Responds

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like comedian Kevin Hart isn’t the only one who has time to clap back on social media.

His very pregnant wife Eniko is issuing out some clap backs herself, especially when it comes to those long running rumors that she messed around with Kevin while he was married to his first wife, Torrei Hart.

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  1. I’m confused. I thought Torrei was supposed to be the messy and bitter one. Yet she’s been minding her business when she’s had the last few weeks to be very petty.

  2. Kevin and Eniko has been really extra lately. They say they are so happy and everyone is so jealous but I would just think happy people don’t feel the need to defend themselves to strangers on Instagram.

  3. If Eniko don’t gtfoh. She’s even speaking the side chick speak, “His marriage was already broken.” Lmao!

  4. Smh if you’re happy and in marital bliss as you want people to believe why you even responding. What’s so funny is she basically confirmed Kevin was cheating “all the other women”. But what really bothers me is how she went after Torrei if y’all been co-parenting and peaceful why stir up ish now. You got the man,the ring,the baby and still pressed *sips tea*.

    1. Gabriella, you hit the nail on the head girl!!! If Eskimo is really happy she wouldn’t feel the need to address a STRANGER???? Who owes an answer to somebody you don’t know? All the other women? I didn’t even read into that and wow, she is really something else??? “sips tea” now let’s eat some “tea biscuits”.

  5. I’ve figured out that Kevin and Eniko get really bothered when people don’t praise their relationship. And that’s some really insecure sh-t to me. If you’re happy, you shouldn’t give a damn what a stranger thinks.

    1. I mean she’s the one who decided she wanted to talk bring back up a topic she should be sick of talking about now that she finally got him to put a ring on it and get her pregnant. Did she not get what she’s been trying to get all these years? So what is she still pressed about? Even Torrei has moved on. LOL.

    2. Because she knows she was going to get dragged. She’s not smart bringing up an old situation when everyone agreed to move on. What a fool.

  6. All Eniko did was confirm how much of a hoe Kevin was. And I’m not surprised she got pregnant before their first wedding anniversary. The only reason she is dealing with the little midget is because he’s famous and loaded. If he ever goes broke, don’t expect her to stay around.

  7. So Eniko pretends to love Kevin’s kids so much but has no problems writing comments like this about their parents like it’s not a sore spot for them? I see she is still the little messy heifer she was a few years ago. There’s been absolutely no growth. Hopefully becoming a mother will change her but I won’t hold my breath.

  8. Dang, all three of them were getting along too. Eniko needs to chill out before things get ugly again. And she really needs to stop lying too. I mean Kevin has slipped up a few times and confirmed he was messing with Einko while he was still with Torrei. I mean this is old news, no need to lie about it in 2017.

  9. Sometimes it’s best to just ignore comments you don’t like. Eniko started all of this just because she got her feelings hurt on Instagram.

  10. These side chicks have gotten really bold. At least they used to know their place back in the day. I give Torrei credit because I would have whooped Eniko’s a-s years ago if I was her.

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