Stacey Chambers Responds to Kijafa Vick’s Friend Throwing Drink in Her Face While Pregnant

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Baller Wives,” Stacey Chambers and Kijafa’s feud gets even uglier after Stacey seemingly makes some not so nice comments about Kijafa’s deceased mother.

Stacey later said on social media that she didn’t mean to make the comment, but that didn’t prevent Kijafa’s friend from tossing a drink in Stacey’s face, baby bump and all.

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  1. Stacey has a lot of issues. She doesn’t think someone should throw a drink in her face because she’s pregnant, but she didn’t mind acting like a fool up until then, despite being pregnant. Very hypocritical.

    1. Exactly, don’t call the pregnant defense now, she should have stayed home and drama free………..or you can always leave quietly. she did neither so, oh well.

  2. Bird behavior. Anyway, she really needs to be less concerned about other women and their men, and pay attention to her own house. You loose them how you get them. #neverforget

  3. These jump offs kill me when they turn into grand dames after they get a ring,screwed the whole team found a sucka lollipop a*s ni**a and he wifes them. How many athletes let a witchcraft porno star bi**h take their souls? Too many to count…smh

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