Being Mary Jane Recap: Helen Has an Affair + Gets Kicked out the House

Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Being Mary Jane,” Helen crosses the line after her former love comes back to town.

Mary Jane’s relationship with Justin continues to be tested by the press.

And Kara finds out Orlando has a past with one of the wags she actually likes.

Here’s a recap of “Feeling Ambushed.”

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  1. Also, did ya’ll see the preview for next week? I’m calling it now- I think Frank is MJ’s brother’s bio father….I just know it.

  2. Helen is too old to be making these kind of decisions. She’s supposed to have some wisdom now. I am not with this storyline at all.

  3. Justin is growing on me but I’m sure Mary Jane will figure out how to mess this up like she always does.

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