‘Insecure’ Star Y’lan Noel Says Issa’s Storyline Made Him Cynical About Relationships

Photo Credit: HBO

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The second season of “Insecure” has definitely turned up on the drama and scandals, but the hit show has also stayed true to its devotion to examining love and relationships revolving around all of the characters.

And when it comes to Issa, her “hoe phase” has put her in a situation in which Daniel is once again back in her life.

interestingly enough, the actor who portrays Daniel claims the reception to Issa being unfaithful has made him very cynical when it comes to relationships.

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  1. Yeah the comments on social media have been really, really interesting. But relationships are hard point blank period. Most of us are just plain out selfish.

  2. Yeah, Lawrence is all over the map. In my opinion he listens to his boy’s too much and has been screwing women more than Issa. He cannot forgive her but she is supposed to forgive him? So I guess he will be with his co-worker and Issa will find new love somewhere on the last episode is how it looks. I liked Daniel. He was sexy to me and I think Issa liked him too but she just did not want to be hurt again. I dunno it’s a big mess!

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