‘Insecure’ Recap: Issa & Lawrence Confront Each Other + Molly Reaches Her Limit with Dro

Photo Credit: HBO

By: A.J. Niles

On the latest episode of “Insecure,” Issa and Lawrence are invited to Derek’s birthday party. When Lawrence brings an unexpected guest to the party, he and Issa end up in what appears to be a relationship-closing argument.

Meanwhile, Molly awkwardly interacts with Dro and Candice at the party, as the affair with Dro continues. However, a conversation with her mom about her dad has her change her prospective about the situation with Dro.

At work, Issa makes up with Frieda and confronts Vice Principal Gaines about their Latino students, and Molly musters up the courage to ask for a raise.

Here is the recap for, “Hella Disrespectful.”

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  1. Lawrence does a lot of projection and doesn’t take responsibility for his role in things. Yes, Issa is wrong for cheating. But he was wrong for living on her couch for two years while she paid the bills.

  2. I just don’t know how Lawrence could call Issa a ho when he just had a flop thr-esome with chicks he met just that day.

  3. But Issa IS a hoe. She’s the one who wanted to have a hoetation and a hoe phase. So I don’t see an issue with Lawrence pointing out the obvious. Now maybe she will remember why being a hoe ain’t all that.

    1. Yeah I mean she did say she wanted to be a hoe now that Lawrence left. I just hope she’s seeing that sleeping around isn’t really for her. It’s for some women but it’s not for her and never will be. She’s a relationship kind of woman. She’s most comfortable being serious with one person. Now is Lawrence that person? The longer the season goes on, I’m starting to think he isn’t.

  4. I’m getting annoyed by this show. It’s like Lawrence keeps having all this good luck and Issa can’t have any kind of happiness. Maybe it’s self sabotage but I would like to see her happy for once. Damn.

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