Being Mary Jane Recap: MJ Checks Helen + Paul Stands Firm

Paul is still angry with Helen, Frank asks Helen to make a major life change.

The episode opens up with a flashback scene of a young Mary Jane answering the phone and someone hanging up. It is most likely Frank.

Back in the present, the phone rings and Paul answers. The person hangs up and he believes it was Frank. The phone then rings again, and Paul yells at the person to stop calling. MJ tells him it’s her and reminds him that the family is supposed to be coming to New York to be on a segment about barbecuing in the summer.

Paul lies and says Helen has their bags packed and ready to go at the door.

Frank goes by Helen’s hotel to see her and questions why she didn’t tell him Paul kicked her out.

She tells Frank she needs a couple of days to get her mind right and he tells her he wants her to move to New Orleans with him.

He tells her to think about starting a new life with him when she returns from New York.

Gumbel’s producers call Orlando and tell him they want him to host a new sports show they are developing. He will make the announcement after his retirement is official.

He’s bummed he won’t be working with Kara and Garrett. But Kara says she will see if Garrett is interested in leaving GDU to EP his sports show. If Garrett does leave, this will give Kara a chance to take over his former job at GDU.

Patrick is still taking things hard.

Helen goes by the house to see if Paul is ready to leave for new York.

She offers to pack Paul’s bags but he angrily declines. She says they need to speak to Patrick about everything when they return to New York but Paul thinks they should stay home and deal with their issues.

Helen refuses and says they need to be there for MJ because she’s the only black woman on the show and all the other hosts have had their families do summer segments already.

Paul is worried Patrick may have a relapse now that he knows the truth.

Patrick walks in the house and tells them to have fun in New York angrily. He reminds them that they will have to tell MJ the truth on sight because she will see right through their bs.

Helen comes clean with Mary Jane.

MJ texts Justin about the topics he shouldn’t discuss with her family but he texts her that he will be staying in Paris a little longer at Garrett’s request.

Helen gets to MJ’s place and MJ asks why Paul isn’t with her. She says they are staying at two hotels because he wants a divorce.

“Pauletta, your father is asking for a divorce and I have decided to give it to him.” – Helen

At work, MJ gives Kara the lowdown on what’s happening between her parents. She feels like she may have triggered her mother’s affair by telling her what really happened with Lee.

She tells Kara they should have a segment on if black women are destined to end up alone and it possibly being their fault. Kara says it’s best they sit on that idea because it may be a hard sell.

Helen tells Frank about Patrick.

Later on, Frank calls Helen at her hotel and she tells him that Patrick is his son. She tells him she found out he was pregnant after he left town but Paul stepped up because he had feelings for her.

Frank admits he wasn’t ready to be a father back then and Helen confirms that everything is now out in the open with Paul.

Frank is happy to have a son with Helen.

Dr. Taketa from Fertility Institute calls MJ to remind her of her appointment. She and Lee were supposed to do a frozen embryo transfer in the summer. After MJ tells her that she and Lee broke up, Dr. Taketa asks if she still wants to store her embryos. If she does, Lee will have to agree to it as well even though they broke up.

Helen and Paul clash at the studio.

Paul comes by to the studio and asks her how she’s handling the news. She says she is shocked and numb. But Paul says it’s for the best.

Helen then walks in and complements MJ on her office. She asks if they are going to be okay doing the segment. Helen says she’s up to it and Paul agrees.

MJ says she sent Patrick a text but got no response. Helen and Paul haven’t been able to get in touch with Patrick since making it to New York.

Kara comes in and wishes everyone good luck on the show.

Back at home, Patrick attends another sobriety meeting and is greeted by Frank who learned where Patrick would be from Helen. He introduces himself and asks if they can chat about everything.

Patrick reluctantly agrees.

Helen and Paul have a horrible argument at the studio before they go on over leaving Patrick alone, and Helen ends up throwing a coffee mug at Paul. Kara tells MJ that this is not a good time for Helen to be on TV. She feels Paul should do it alone.

Kara pulls Garrett to the side and tells him Orlando’s getting a new sports show. She’s going to have him announce it on GDU. Garrett is thrilled.

Paul does the cooking segment with MJ in which Paul shares the recipe to his BBQ sauce.

When she asks how he came up with his homemade sauce, he says Helen was his secret ingredient. He says she would add ingredients while he wasn’t looking and he can’t imagine the recipe without her. This touches Helen.

When they wrap up the segment, he tells MJ he should apologize to Helen for their argument since it kept her from doing the segment.

He admits to MJ the real issue he has is not being good enough for Helen after all these years.

MJ encourages him to try to talk to Helen again before giving up on their marriage.

Patrick and Frank spend time together.

Frank tells Patrick he’s been sober for 20 years and Patrick says he’s been sober for a little over a year. Helen calls Patrick but he ignores her. He tells Patrick not to be angry with Helen.

Frank says he left Helen after she told him to give up alcohol. He left her, not knowing she was pregnant.

He says Paul gave Helen the life he couldn’t at the time.

Frank later calls Helen and tells him his meeting with Patrick went well. He asks if she will move to New Orleans with him and he says he will give her some more time to think it over.

Kara tells Orlando that Garrett would consider leaving GDU is Orlando’s producers agree to giving him a development deal.

MJ calls out Helen.

MJ meets with Dr. Taketa and she tells MJ that Lee doesn’t want to continue holding the embryos. He wants to dispose the embryos and he signed the paperwork to do so. MJ has to agree for this to become official.

While thinking things over at the doctor’s office, MJ thinks back on the times her parents were fighting. She then signs the paperwork to dispose of the embryos. She tells the doctor she wants to discuss sperm donors.

When MJ gets home, she tells her about her doctor’s appointment.

MJ admits to her mother in anger that she sabotaged things with Lee and Lee is a good man.

Although she is happy with Justin, she picked out a sperm donor because she feels like she’s looking for ways to sabotage her relationship with Justin.

“I am wildly happy with Justin and yet, I just picked out a sperm donor for my future children and do you know why? I don’t know…insurance, maybe, in case things don’t work out. But both of us really know what this is. I’m looking for ways to sabotage this relationship as well. And you know why, Mom? Because sabotage is my jam and I learned from the best…you.” – MJ

Now realizing that her parents were fighting over Frank years ago, she asks Helen why Paul wasn’t good enough.

“Why wasn’t Dad enough?” – MJ

“For the same reason Lee wasn’t, I suppose. In my mind, I just always thought that love was fireworks. I just didn’t trust that steady burn your father offered me.” – Helen

MJ then tells Helen that she knows she kept pushing Paul away until he couldn’t take it anymore and that has been her exact issue with every man she’s ever been with.

At work, MJ tells Kara that she now realizes her issues are in her blood. Now that she knows that, she realizes it’s up to her to change her own ways and not repeat her mother’s mistakes.

She also says that they should do a segment on how black women are the group who will force change in a Trump society. Kara thinks this is a great topic and suggests they find famous black women to interview. Beyonce and Michelle Obama are on the list of prospects.

Paul stays firm.

Paul goes to Helen’s hotel and apologizes for their explosive argument at the studio. She admits that she has been pushing him away for years and apologizes.

Paul says he’s surprised she apologized but Helen says her actions have affected MJ.

She admits to being the source of all of their problems and she says she was deeply in love with Paul when she was pregnant with Paul. Jr.

What he said on the show moved her deeply and she doesn’t plan on being with Frank. However, Paul still wants the divorce.

MJ tells Kara Aaliyah told her that Garrett is interested in being Orlando’s EP for his sports show. Kara confirms this and says she and Justin may end up competing for Garrett’s job if he does leave.

MJ and Kara agree for MJ to stay out of it if this does happen and they high-five.

Patrick comes by to see Frank at his hotel after he does show up to a sobriety meeting. Frank says Helen told him she’s not going to be with him. A lady calls out for Frank to return to bed and Patrick gives him the side eye. Frank tells him not to judge him for having another woman in his room to cope with Helen’s choice.

He tells Patrick that he now knows he and Helen will never be together and this hurts him.

MJ calls Patrick to see how he’s holding up. They agree there’s a generational curse but they can put a stop to it with their choices.

Garrett gets promoted in a higher position after GDU executives learn he was considering leaving to work on Orlando’s show. Kara is thrilled by this because she can now go after Garrett’s old job. She and Orlando celebrate with food and passion.

On Helen’s last night in New York, she tells MJ that she’s going have some me time to think about things and she envies MJ’s independence.

MJ admits she’s always been jealous of Helen’s life but Helen tells her to keep living for passion and she should go to Paris and get her man.

Kara tells MJ that she got her an interview with Michelle Obama.

MJ texts Justin that she’s coming to Paris but he tells her he will be in New York in a couple of hours. He’s heading straight to her.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I’m glad MJ figured out where she got her issues from. Now she can finally get her life right and make better choices. I can say she’s grown a lot since the first season.

  2. I can’t blame Paul for still wanting a divorce. Helen basically told him he hasn’t been good enough for years and keeps hyping up Frank to be her true love when he actually sucks.

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