‘Baller Wives’ Recap: Kijafa & Stacey Talk It Out + Stacey Gets Even with Carmena

Jeniva advises Kijafa to take her husband’s advice.

The season finale opens with Kijafa at home with her daughters goofing off. While they are playing around, Jeniva calls and tells her about what happened at her event. She lets her know that Crystal’s friends were kicked out of her event. Kijafa lets Jeniva know that Mike wants her to squash her beef with Stacey.

Jeniva suggests she listen to Mike and have her sit-down with Stacey. She tells Kijafa that Mike and Chris’ friendship is being strained by the beef and they should squash it. Kijafa agrees to it but she still feels nothing will come from it.

Miko and Crystal recap Jeniva kicking out their friends from her event.

Miko and Crystal meet Stacey at the gym she owns with her husband. Crystal tells Miko and Stacey how Emmaly had her friends kicked out of Jeniva’s fashion event.

Stacey tells them about reaching out to Kijafa to squash their beef. Kijafa agreed to have their one on one sit-down.

Crystal is with her daughter Amiyah and her mother Maria at the beach. Maria tells Crystal not to worry about moving on from her BD.

Later on, Miko is with her son Aiden at their home and they are cooking. Brent is grilling vegetables. It’s almost time for training camp and they have to head back to Tampa. Miko mentions that she feels motherly towards him.

“He didn’t know how to write a check. He didn’t know how to turn on a stove.” – Mike

Julius begins to change his stance about his sons playing football.

Kelly and Julius are with their kids celebrating a successful baseball season. Kelly brings their sons clothing gifts for the season. Julius asks their sons what sport they want to play next and his oldest son says he wants to play football.

This disappoints Julius and he tells his son that he doesn’t want him to play football.

Julius Jr. begins to cry and his dad Julius begins to feel bad about his decision, somewhat.

Aja isn’t sure about Kelly being a friend to Miko.

Jeniva invites Kelly and Aja over to her house. Asante takes Julius to fire up the grill and the ladies head over to chat. Kelly lets the ladies know that she and Miko are getting along well, and Aja wonders if Kelly can be trusted not to repeat anything said about Stacey and Miko.

However, Kelly feels like Aja is the one who is a bit phony.

“If you have a problem with someone, either cut them out or make it better.” – Kelly

Later on, Crystal is with Stacey looking at cars. She is picking out a car for a push gift from Chris. As they are checking out the cars, Crystal asks about her sit-down with Kijafa. Stacey is starting to second guess the sit-down but Crystal says things could end well between them. Stacey asks about Crystal and her BD. She tells Stacey that she’s forcing him to put money aside for their daughter’s future, which made him angry. She tells Stacey that she is done with him officially.

Mike and Kelly are hanging out at Miko’s for the IHeartMiko podcast. Miko is talking to Kelly for a female prospective on all things NFL. Miko asks her about being in an interracial relationship. She says she is deeply in love with Julius. She also feels their relationship represents “progress.”

Despite that love, she does mention she gets dirty looks from black and white women.

“I get the looks from a black woman, I get looks of disgust from the middle-aged white woman. It’s crazy. [But] I don’t really care so much about anyone else’s opinion…” – Kelly

After the recording, Miko takes Kelly out back to chat about more personal things, specifically about their friendship. Kelly says that she’s happy she got to know Miko. Miko tells her “she’s real.” Miko also says she’s glad Kelly is not being Kijafa’s puppet.

Emmaly and Crystal squash their beef.

Crystal and Emmaly have a sit down in a Miami bar to clear the air about their grievances with one another. Emmaly feels they shouldn’t have the drama they have with one another.

She tells Crystal doesn’t have anything against her, but feels that she knew about her and her BD dating. Crystal insists that she did not know and tells her that she doesn’t mess with other people boyfriends and husbands.

“I just don’t want anyone to have a perception of me being a home wrecker. I don’t mess with anyone’s husband. I don’t do anything like that because I get pissed when b****es do it to me.” – Crystal

Emmaly apologizes for how she acted and Crystal is ready to move forward.

“I’m glad that Emmaly is realizing that this whole situation with this guy in the past is like stupid. He was lying to me and he was like lying to her.” – Crystal

Julius takes his boys to the batting cages to work on baseball hitting. Julius is trying the best he can to keep them occupied with sports other than football. When they are done, Julius asks his sons about girls and Julius Jr. tells him about 4 girls that are interested in him.

They then touch on football again. He tells his sons that football was a way out for him but their are other opportunities. Despite that, Julius Jr still wants to play the sport and his dad tells him he can play flag football instead.

Brent is packing for training camp in Tampa. Miko and Aiden can’t join him yet because they have to tie loose ends. Brent tells Miko that they’re staying in a high rise condo in downtown Tampa. He then asks about Stacey and Miko tells him that she had the baby and will sit down with Kijafa. Brent doesn’t think this sit-down will go very well.

Kijafa and Stacey have their long-awaited sit-down.

Stacey gets to the restaurant first and she is nervous about the sit-down. Kijafa arrives and is ready for anything.

“I’m about to sit down with the devil.” – Stacey

They hop into it and Stacey asks how Kijafa would feel if someone threw a drink in her face. Kijafa replies, “She didn’t throw the drink out the blue.” This leads to an argument.

During their argument, Stacey tells Kijafa, “You wish you had a Chris Chambers.”

Despite that shot, Kijafa says what happened hurt her because her mom passed a month before her wedding to Mike.

“Those words, they hurt.” – Kijafa

Stacey insists that she misheard Kijafa and that’s why she said what she said about Kijafa’s mother.

However, Kijafa is still hurt and she breaks down in tears. Seeing Kijafa cry brings Stacey to tears and she hugs Kijafa. This revelation causes a breakthrough, because they both apologize. Kijafa felt Stacey was sincerely sorry for what happened.

When they calm down, Kijfafa tells Stacey that Carmena wants to talk to Stacey at the Concussion Awareness Gala they will attend which will be hosted by Miko. Stacey will be there eagerly awaiting Carmena’s apology.

Julius and Channing express concern to Asante about his pursuit of boxing.

Later on, Kelly, Jeniva and Aja bring their kids and husbands to hang out at the park. Aja, Jeniva and Kelly go off to chat. Aja is still salty about Kelly’s relationship with Miko. Meanwhile Julius and Channing talk to Asante about his decision to box. Julius and Channing wonder about Asante’s well being in the ring. However, Asante is confident he won’t suffer the injuries he had in football.

Kijafa tells Mike about their conversation with Stacey. She says it went well and they squashed their beef, but it wasn’t easy.

Miko is working with friend Kavita for the CTE awareness fund raiser. Julius stops by the home to help Miko with the event, which is for a cause he really is concerned with. Miko really wants to use her foundation to spread the awareness of concussions and CTE with football athletes.


Kelly lets Aja know she is not getting in-between her and Miko’s drama.

Aja invites Kelly out to the nail bar to hang out and ask about Miko and their friendship. Aja tells Kelly that she knows she’s been getting closer to Miko. Kelly tells Aja that she doesn’t feel she has to pick a side. Aja tells Kelly that she is caught in the middle and Miko is causing this to happen.

Kelly feels Aja is doing the most.

“I don’t feel at my age, I have to pick a side.” – Kelly

Aja says that staying in the middle is only causing more problems. As a result of this, Aja now begins to wonder if her friendship with Kelly can be taken seriously.

Kijafa and Kelly bring their husbands out on a double date.

Julius and Kelly invited Mike and Kijafa out for dinner in Miami. Julius hasn’t spoken to Mike since his retirement ceremony in Atlanta. Mike tells everyone that he wants to be a coach one day. They also bring up how Kijafa feels he suffers from symptoms of multiple concussions.

The next day, Stacey is out with Kelly and Miko dress shopping for Miko’s event. Stacey says she likes Kelly, because she feels she is real. Kelly likes Stacey’s fiery personality.

Stacey tells Kelly to be careful around Kijafa. Although they apologized, Stacey still doesn’t trust Kijafa and doesn’t want to be her friend. Kelly asks if she can trust Kijafa and isn’t assured about this. She tells them that Kijafa and Aja said to be careful around Miko and Stacey. They laugh it off.

Carmena and Stacey clash at Miko’s charity event.

It’s the night of Miko’s charity event and she’s excited. She wants everyone to put their beef aside for a good cause at the event. Kavita is at the event interviewing Julius. He tells her that he wants his kids to be the doctors treating the players for their injuries.

At the event, Mike brings up Julius to talk to the crowd. Kelly says she is proud of her husband for fighting for this cause near to his heart. Meanwhile, Kijafa pulls Carmena to the side and tells her to apologize to Stacey.

Carmena and Stacey have their sit-down and they hash things out, but things just begin to go back and forth. Miko and Crystal are watching from a distance, and Kijafa sees them too. Carmena and Stacey begin to argue. Stacey begins to demand an apology but it doesn’t happen because Carmena feels Stacey started the drama. Stacey decides to walk away and avoid a fight, but drops a lollipop p*nis on the ground next to Carmena and tells her to suck it first.

Carmena then throws the candy back at Stacey. Suddenly, Stacey throws it back. Then, she grabs a drink and throws it at Carmena. Security then grabs Stacey and keeps her away from Carmena. Kijafa calls Stacey, “Queen of the side chicks” and says Stacey is “too ghetto” to be friends with.


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