Keke Wyatt Responds to Michael’s Statement on Divorce

Keke Wyatt has been dealing with devastating news in her personal life this past year. Earlier, she revealed that one of her children is battling cancer, undergoing treatment for the disease. In a show of solidarity, Keke went on social media and showcased cutting off her hair, to symbolically stand tall with her child.

She is also pregnant again and her marriage has gone sour.

Hours ago, Keke went on social media to talk about the divorce. On her Instagram Live, she said the following:

I have no words to say about how I feel right now in my life. Like… I’m good and highly favored. Too blessed to be stressed.

But, I’m stressed. Stressed the hell out.

One thing I’m not… I’m not toxic, I’m not crazy. I’m just human, you know. When the devil starts to attack, in ways like this, you just have to…

She then sang, “Lord, you’ve been good to me.”

Later in the clip, she says her breakup will help her fans and social media followers. She also says she will still wear her wedding ring because she paid for it.

Yes, I’m still wearing my ring, and yes, I paid for it too. It cost too much damn money and it’s mine. It’s the only damn finger that fits, I love it and it’s pretty.

Why wouldn’t I wear it? It’s mine.

For more, check out the full clip below.

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  1. Wow…..IM SO GLAD MICHEAL is leaving this nutcase!!! U can be a GREAT parent and not be with the mother of ur child….y wud she say, all that about the ring???? That’s makes her look petty & SAD….GLAD FOR BROTHER MICHEAL …it’s time to move ON!!!! GD LUCK BRO

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