Tyrese Gibson Put on Blast by Ex-Wife + He Responds

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyrese confirmed earlier this year that he remarried but he’s still having a bit of drama surrounding his first marriage.

In fact, the actor is in the middle of a nasty custody battle, and his ex-wife is making some serious accusations.

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  1. Tyrese needs to log off. Not everything is about him being married. He’s so extra all the time and self important. Some things neeed to remain private

  2. Mess. But Tyrese needs to stop trying to call people out on Instagram when he could just talk to these people in private.

  3. Well it’s pretty obvious Tyrese has issues going by the way he acts on social media. But wife number two thinks she has some prize.

  4. Smh. I can say so much but I just won’t. This type of situation is very hard especially when the man is powerful in respects to money and the people he knows. He never even addressed the allegations and denied the abuse, he stated he never wished her harm not that he did not cause her any. That statement is so very telling in itself. The fact that he rubbed his new marriage in her face as a response like she can’t get over him is disgusting, it screams abusive and controlling. He can’t physically abuse her anymore but the mental abuse leaves scars no one can see and are harder to heal from. Smh. I feel bad for the ex wife and child

  5. Are there police reports? Hospital reports? Sorry don’t believe it especially if she’s been treated by paramedics and why bring it up now way after the divorce. I don’t care for Tyrese but this is he telling the truth on. Ol gurl is bitter.

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