Tammy Rivera Accuses Hazel-E of Trying to Get with Waka Flocka (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago, “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Hazel-E and “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Tammy Rivera had a rather interesting exchange on social media.

Apparently Hazel didn’t like Tammy’s commentary about her regarding LHHH’s current season, but Tammy recently revealed her beef with Hazel actually dates back to the earlier stages of her relationship with Waka Flocka.

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      1. Tammy is so ghetto. This is how men lose their life involving them in drama between women and making those kinda threats. Tammy don’t know that bioy nor who he know. She could be puttin awake in the middle of a war cuz her darn mouth. Ghetto hood rat. But she the main one actin like she so above thee and classy. Tuhhhhh

  1. Knowing Waka’s track record he probably hit on Hazel or cheated on Tammy with her. Tammy has gotten the big head and tries to act like Waka wasn’t out here cheating on her something crazy just a season or so ago.

  2. Hazel didn’t even get her nose job until well after Waka and Tammy were married. Tammy joined season 3 of LHHATL and got married to Waka that year, the same year that Hazel join the cast of the first season of LHHH. Hazel didn’t even start dating Katt until later down the road. Tammy’s timeline isn’t adding up, she’s lying on Hazel to justify her beef.

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