Mariah Huq Calls Out ‘Married to Medicine’ Producers

The trailer for “Married to Medicine” released and we saw the cast clash in numerous ways. However, one thing many fans noticed is that Mariah Huq isn’t in any of the promo pictures for the upcoming season.

It appears that many fans began to reach out to Mariah on social media asking her why this happened. Well, Mariah addressed the issue on social media hours ago.

Mariah says she was invited to be in the photos, but she was sick and declined. She also says she wasn’t going to be in the main credits for the season anyway, so it made her decision to turn down the invitation easier.

She also had something to say to the producers of the show, demanding more equal billing and power as an executive producer.

I gotta beef with the producers; I wanna be treated like one of the boys as a creator and executive producer. I believe in gender equality.

Check out the clip below.

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  1. I don’t think the production company likes her. They can’t legally remove her from the show so they keep trying to push her out every season. They figure they frustrate her just enough, she will leave on her own.

  2. Mariah needs to sit down somewhere. The other women don’t even like her. She is lucky she is even a friend of the show. That the producers being nice.

    1. Don’t like Quad thinks she’s a star Mariah much more interesting and creative they all owe her for creating the show a bunch of ungrateful women

  3. Where Mariah and Shaunie messed up is not having their own production companies. When you have to hire a production company to get your show on TV, they are going to have more clout than you and eventually take away your power. That’s why Mona is winning. She has her own production company and she is a real boss.

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